College Football 1st Quarter Picks Against the Spread

College football is fun to bet on, but it can even be more fun if you start betting on all aspects of the game. Betting on the first quarter against the spread is one way to improve your chances of winning more often.

The play in the first quarter can frequently determine the momentum of a college football game. It's important to understand which teams start strong and which ones have a history of struggling to get going. 

Below, we will share some advice and tips to help you get started making college football spread picks in the first quarter.


Factors to Consider When Making 1st Quarter Against the Spread Picks

When betting on college football games, you should consider several factors to make wise and profitable picks against the spread. This is especially true for first-quarter picks because the opening 15 minutes frequently indicate how the rest of the game will play out.

The following three factors are essential to consider when selecting your first-quarter picks against the spread:

  1. Trends and statistics specific to the game: Always spend time researching the recent results for each team. Check for things like home/away record splits, point differentials, and player performances. This can show which teams have momentum and possibly identify underdogs who have a better chance of winning than the odds may show.
  2. Player absences and injuries can significantly affect a team's performance, especially in the first quarter. A team with a key player that is either out or limited by injury can drastically change the outcome of a game, so it is vital to continuously monitor the injury report for both teams. 
  3. Coaching and game planning: Lastly, while choosing first-quarter picks, it's crucial to consider coaching techniques and game planning. Some coaches have used a high-powered offense to score quickly on their opponents, while others prefer a more defensive-minded approach that focuses on grinding their opponents down. College football game plans significantly impact the game, so it is always important to research them.


Tips For Making Winning 1st Quarter Picks

Making first-quarter predictions against the spread can be an excellent way to boost your chances of winning big when betting on college football. The first quarter has just 15 minutes of action, so a lot may happen, including early scores, mistakes, and changes in momentum. Here are five suggestions for excellent first-quarter straight-up predictions.

  1. Pay attention to roster adjustments: A change to the starting lineup can have a massive impact on the game, so be sure to monitor for any roster updates for either team. 
  2. Take the weather into account: The weather can also affect the opening quarter of a game. A team's ability to pass or kick the ball accurately may be hampered if the game is played in windy or rainy conditions. If inclement weather could be in play early in a game, you should consider it when making your picks.
  3. Look at the odds: Before selecting your first-quarter picks, check the betting line. This will let you know how bookmakers see a first-quarter playing out. You can also get an idea of where the college football consensus picks are being made by looking out for movement in the lines or odds. 
  4. Look out for free expert or AI picks: Many college football experts and handicappers will share their picks online and their reasons for making them. This can help you either confirm your research or uncover factors you may have missed. You can also find college football computer picks, which often have a higher winning percentage than the experts. You can usually find free college football first-half spread picks and second-half spread picks from these sources, giving you even more betting options for a particular game.
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