WNBA Picks Against the Spread

The Women's National Basketball Association was formed in 1997, making it one of the newer professional sports leagues in the United States. Unfortunately, the WNBA has yet to really gain any traction in terms of popularity in the US, and there isn't a ton of betting action on the league either.

CentSports does offer WNBA betting, and we are now offering 2024 WNBA basketball picks to all of our customers as well. Oh, and did we mention that these would be free WNBA picks ATS?

That's right, CentSports is rewarding all of our customers with free picks throughout the WNBA season in hopes that you will get in on the action. Some bettors find it hard to make solid WNBA predictions because they don't watch the sport, but that is where we have you covered.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when considering online gambling activities on the WNBA during the upcoming season.

- Follow the WNBA consensus numbers. Knowing where the public is on-game is great information to use prior to making your bets.

- Don't just look at FULL GAME lines; look at 1st quarter WNBA picks, 1st half WNBA picks and 2nd half WNBA picks as well. There could be some hidden opportunities here.


Why Most Sports Bettors Don't Bet The WNBA Basketball And What They Are Missing Out On

The WNBA is not an extremely popular league, and betting on the sport is not popular either. There are several reasons why bettors don't bet on WNBA, but they are also missing out on a few things, like access to the best free WNBA picks or investing some money on the WNBA with a premium WNBA package to get the latest WNBA odds, lines, analysis and predictions.

Less Exposure

The biggest reason that sports bettors don't bet on the WNBA is that the league doesn't have that much exposure. While other sports in the United States have almost all of their games televised, that isn't the case with the WNBA.

Some television companies have started to show more WNBA games, which will help grow the league in the future. Until the league becomes more popular throughout the United States, it will remain an undesirable betting option for most

Shorter Season

The WNBA season is just 36 games long, and there are just 12 teams in the league. This means that there are much fewer games to bet on than in the 82-game NBA season.

Bettors tend to prefer sports that have longer seasons because that gives them a chance to get invested in their bets. The league likely won't increase the length of their regular season anytime soon, and that will keep bettors away.

Chance to Win Money

The biggest thing that bettors are missing out on by not betting on the WNBA is a chance to win at sports betting. There is a chance to win money by betting on any sport, but the WNBA provides some unique money-making opportunities, especially with today's WNBA odds and lines for today's games.

CentSports recognizes the chance to win some money by betting on the WNBA, and that is why we are committed to delivering WNBA free picks and predictions, odds and betting lines throughout the season.

Similar to NBA Betting

We will discuss this aspect a little bit more in the next section, but betting on the WNBA is similar to betting on the NBA. If a bettor is already placing bets on the NBA, it would be wise to get in on the WNBA action. 


Are WNBA Picks Against the Spread like NBA Picks? What's Different?

This is a question that most folks ask, and there are many differences and similarities between NBA and WNBA picks. Our free WNBA predictions will look very similar to the ones that we deliver during the NBA season, but we will also point out the differences.

If you are someone who has never bet on the WNBA, you will be able to catch on quickly. Here are a few of the key similarities and differences that we have found.

Spread/MoneyLine/Total Bets

The biggest similarity is the most common betting types that are offered between the two sports. Since they are both basketball games, sportsbooks will offer the same basic betting options. Click here to view WNBA scores.

Spread betting is extremely popular when it comes to basketball, and CentSports will always deliver several WNBA against the spread picks. We will also select the top moneylines and total betting picks for you as well.

If you already know and understand how to make these common betting types, you won't have any trouble catching on to WNBA betting.

Less Betting Options

One of the biggest differences between betting on the WNBA and NBA is that sportsbooks offer less betting options. Since the WNBA is not as popular as the NBA, a sportsbook don't feel the need to offer a wide range of bets to their customers.

You likely won't find a lot of prop betting options for WNBA regular-season games, limiting your chances to win some money. 

Hard to Find Free Picks

Since the WNBA is not a popular league to bet on, it's also much harder to find free expert WNBA picks. Sports handicappers don't feel the need to deliver free WNBA basketball picks, because there aren't that many people looking for them.

This is where CentSports stands out from the competition by getting the picks out to you. We believe that there is a real chance to win some money by betting on the WNBA, and we will offer many free WNBA picks and predictions and premium WNBA picks.

Our picks are always put together by expert handicappers and WNBA betting experts, and we will always explain the reasoning behind each of our free WNBA expert picks. Get free premium picks today!


Key Numbers & Stats to Know When Making Best WNBA Picks and Predictions

Even though CentSports will deliver free WNBA predictions throughout the season, some bettors prefer making these predictions themselves. Here are some key numbers and stats to look at when trying to find the best WNBA predictions. 

Team Scoring

It takes points to win a WNBA game, and one of the most important stats to look at is team scoring. Check out the season stats for each team in a particular matchup, and that should give you an idea of how every game is going to play out.

It's also important to see how these points are scored for each team, and what the shooting percentages are. Teams that make a higher percentage of their shots can usually go through games without a long scoring drought. 

Team Defense

The saying says that "Defense wins championships," but it can also win games throughout the regular season. Looking at team defensive stats is almost as important as looking at team scoring stats.

A great defensive team can shut down a great offensive team, and it's important to know what teams in the WNBA are capable of doing this. If you find a team that is great on both offense and defense, that's usually a team to back. 

Three-Point Shooting

The women's basketball game has changed in the same way that the men's game has. That means that there is a much bigger emphasis on the three-point line, and teams with the best shooters are usually the best teams.

Even though there is much more to the WNBA game than just three-point shooting, looking at the shooting stats for each team is a great way to start your research.


How to Handicap the WNBA Playoffs and Finals

Even though betting on the WNBA isn't extremely popular, that changes a bit when it comes to the playoffs and WNBA finals. Big sporting events bring about a ton of sports betting action, and the WNBA Playoffs are no different. There are opportunities to bet the point spread, take the WNBA computer picks, or make WNBA expert picks and predictions using the moneyline or picks and parlays.

Once again, CentSports will do all of the research and hard work for you, but you can still handicap the WNBA playoffs on your own. Eight teams make the WNBA Playoffs each year, and the series are much shorter than they are in the NBA, meaning fewer games to find values in the point spreads and WNBA expert picks.

Look at Seeds

The sport of women's college basketball usually doesn't see a ton of upsets, which is true in the WNBA as well. One of the best ways to handicap the WNBA playoffs is to look at the seeds entering the playoffs. 

This doesn't mean that the top seeds are always going to win a series, but it's a good place to start. If CentSports makes a WNBA betting prediction that includes an upset, we will be sure to discuss why we believe this will happen.

Find Recent Betting Trends

Another great way to handicap the WNBA playoffs is to look at recent betting trends and odds. Betting trends and odds can always change at some point, but it can also be a great way to predict what is going to happen in upcoming WNBA games.

Looking at recent home-and-road splits is one of the betting trends to look for, as is looking at the recent WNBA matchups and odds between the two teams. 

The WNBA betting experts at CentSports will always start their research by looking at recent online sports betting trends, and today's WNBA odds and we will always deliver our findings when coming up with our expert picks. 

Look at the Injury Report

Basketball is a contact sport, and therefore injuries do occur throughout the season. Looking at the injury report for each team is a great way to help handicap a WNBA series. 

It's impossible to predict what kind of injuries will occur each game, but these can also have a huge impact on betting. CentSports will always check the injury report, but we can't be held responsible if an injury occurs mid-game.

The hope is that no injuries occur during the WNBA Playoffs, but it's always wise to check the injury report before making any bets.



As the 2023 WNBA season kicks off, teams like the Las Vegas Aces, Connecticut Sun and Dallas Wings are top championship contenders, while young squads such as the Atlanta Dream and New York Liberty look to make strides. We give you the best predictions and odds between teams to help you make profitable parlay and point spread picks at arenas from Michelob Ultra to Target Center. By providing key information to analyze offenses, defenses and matchups, we help you make expert WNBA picks against the spread. And while sites can't guarantee outcomes due to terms of service, our insights aim to help you gain an edge to make some money on WNBA bets this year. Check back all season long for today's free WNBA picks and premium packages with our latest analysis.

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