Pick Points 

Picks points can only be made on today's games.

  • Pick 3: You can make 3 picks (any league)  once a day.(Spread & Totals)
  • Pick 5: You can make 5 picks (any league) once a day.(Spread & Totals)
  • Moneyline Madness: You can make 3 picks (any league)  once a day. - (Moneylines -250 & below)

Pick 3 = 3 correct picks = 1 point


Pick 5 = 5 correct picks = 2 points


Moneyline Madness = 3 correct picks =  0.25 points


If you manage to get all of your picks correct in ALL the above categories, you'll receive a bonus of +2 points.

But what can you do with these pick points?

  • Cashing Out: You can exchange 200 points for $50.00 in real cash.
  • Entering the Bracket Challenge: You'll need to use pick points to enter this challenge.

Bracket Challenge is in development. (Coming Soon)


In summary, pick points have multiple uses, including entering the Bracket Challenge, as well as the option to cash them out for real money.

How to View Your Pick Points

How to View Each Individual Pick 3, Pick 5 & Moneyline Madness

Note: Click on any (0 of 3) or (0 of 5) to view your picks.

7 Day Challenge

Is it possible to turn a $0.10 investment into $25.00 within a span of 7 days? If you succeed, you can cash out $25.00.


You can only place bets on the Spread and Totals with juice at or below -140 in any league.


For each game, you can only wager on a line value once.


For instance, if you bet on the Green Bay Packers -3, you cannot bet on the spread value for that same game again. Same goes for totals.


Pick Rule - One bet on the spread per game and one bet on the total per game. So two bets max can be placed on a game. (1 spread and 1 total)


Your betting options are restricted to the games happening during the current week, specifically from Monday at 12:01 AM to Sunday at 11:59 PM EST.

How to View Your 7 Day Challenge Picks

How to View Each Individual 7 Day Challenge Pick

Note: Click on any pick to view the lines and pick result.

How to View Your 7 Day Challenge Balance

The Streak

Spread and Totals ONLY (-135 juice and below)


To be eligible for a cashout, you must achieve winning streaks of 15, 17, 19, or 21 consecutive bets, with each individual bet having odds of -135 juice or lower.

You can place multiple bets in a single day, as long as your previous bet has been settled and graded.

How to View Your “The Streak” Picks

How to View “The Streak” Leaderboard