Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I have more than one account?

No. Only one account per person and one account per household is allowed.

 How does CentSports work?

You might be wondering just how this thing works. The system is pretty easy, though. We give you $0.10 in free Sport Bucks to start and you can play with them as you wish. You make sports picks, play games, enter contest and more with those Sport Bucks and grow your account balance as much as possible. When you've accumulated enough Sport Bucks, you can convert them into real cash if you meet the minimum requirements.

 What is CentSports ?

We want you to know that our site has some awesome features for you to check out. is a site where you can make sports picks and earn money without putting in a dime. It's a site where you can come together with a community of sports fans and sports bettors. We have put together a full-service site where you can play your favorite games, earn Sport Bucks by making picks on all of the major sports, and read about the latest in sports betting. We're sure that you'll enjoy it here!

 Is this really legal?

You can be assured that we've done our research and that is completely legal. After all, do you think we want to go to jail? Since you get to place bets without putting up your own money, no laws are broken. This is one place where you can rest easy that your bets are not being scrutinized!

 Can I really make money without risking any? How is that possible?

Of course you can make money without taking on any risk! That's why is all about. We didn't start this website to get any of your money. We make our money off of advertising and we pass that cash on to you! The concept is simple and it works.

 Can I deposit money?

No, we don't allow deposit of any kind what so ever! If you lose your Sport Bucks we give you more. That simple! This is the beauty of the website and what makes us legal. Our advertisers pay the all bills.

 What is required to cashout?

Great question! Two proofs of identification. One picture ID and one proof of residence. (Example: A Drivers License and a Utility Bill). We make it pretty easy but we do require both of these at time of cash-out.

 Where do I convert my Sport Bucks?

The cash-out page. It is super easy as we walk you right through it. Converting Sports Bucks to Real Cash has never been easier!

 Is there a maximum on how much real cash we can win?

Yes, We allow you to cash-out in $20.00 intervals all the way up to $200.00. $200.00 is the max cash-out at this point.
Note: Your first cash-out can be done at $5.00... once you get that thrill of your first cash-out we know you will love it!

 How do leaderboard picks work?

Leaderboard Picks are just another way we allow you to earn Sport Bucks each day. Add 10 picks each day (not from your Sports Bucks balance) and if you are in the top 5 on the leaderboard you are awarded Sport Bucks.

 How do challenge picks work?

Like it says you are challenged. You make a pick of your choice and the computer makes a pick to challenge you. This doesn't cost you a penny of your Sport Bucks balance. You are allowed to do this once daily and if you are lucky enough to to beat the CentSports computer generated pick you will earn Sport Bucks.

 Is there any limit to what I can bet?

We want you to make some big bets here, which is why we have a $4.00 Sport Bucks maximum for individual game picks. Parlay & teaser picks are capped at $7.50 Sport Bucks. To increase those betting limits become Elite Access (Coming Soon).

 How quick do my picks get scored?

We are trying to get them scored as quick as possible, but the answer is still not fast enough. We know you want your Sport Bucks, I mean who wouldn't right? It is a priority for us but right now there is about a 5-10 minute delay.

Note: Soccer picks may take up to 8 hours to be graded.

 How does the contests picks work?

CentSports contests are a ton of fun and can give you bragging rights among other members. Best of all if you win or like I say [when I win] you collect more rewards, Rewards range from Sport Bucks to prizes.

 Can I post my picks on Facebook?

Absolutely you can! Not only do we allow you, we pay you for it! Post your make picks, parlays, question picks and contest picks and we will pay you $0.01 Sport Bucks everytime.  Spread the good word about CentSports lets make this the best & most visited site ever. (Coming Soon)

 How does the replenish process work?

You can't lose on CentSports! Once your balance hits below $0.04 we allow you to replenish your balance to $0.10 (by watching a video or ad/ or viewing a offer) as long as all your pending picks have been scored.

 How does the reward section work?

CentSports rewards helps you earn Sport Bucks for each completed offer from our selected publishers. Completing offers, purchasing products of your choice or even watching a video. You will find the CentSports Rewards is a great place to increase your Sport Bucks balance and earn that big cash out.

Note: Offerwall coins can be transferred to Sport Bucks & count towards your Rewards balance once transferred.

 How do I gain trophies?

You can gain trophies by doing things as simple as adding a avatar, all the way up to hitting 10 team parlay. Each trophy has a Sport Bucks value and inches you closer & closer to earning the big payout. The best thing about the trophies though is bragging rights amongest other CentSports members. One other cool thing about trophies is each time you post them on your Facebook Wall you earn $0.01 Sport Bucks. Just another way we say thanks here at CentSports.

 How do Offerwalls work?

CentSports is a very unique community where our members can earn coins and either redeem them or go play in our free play sportsbook to earn even more Sport Bucks. While there are many ways to earn coins, it can seem overwhelming, especially if you are new to online earning. 

You can earn offerwall coins watching videos, downloading apps and games, shopping or signing up for trial offers, filling out surveys, and completing general tasks that require as little as your email address. Our suite of offerwalls are constantly updated, so check each day for new ways to earn money. Our coin system is pretty simple, 10,000 coins for $0.10 to spend however you want. Once you get at least 10,000 coins, you can redeem them or transfer them over to to make picks with with them!

Where should I start?

With a whole list of offerwalls, earning can seem a little overwhelming at first. There are walls that have very easy and quick offers, and there are walls that have surveys. As a new user I would start with quick tasks that require no more than an email address just to see how easy it is. Our task ticker will show you the offers our member base is doing right at this moment so you can have a visual of the most commonly hit offerwalls.

OK seriously, how much can I earn on a site like this?

The amount of coins you can earn depends on how much time and effort you put into your goals. You can easily earn up to 500,000 coins a day just by doing quick email submits and coupon prints. If you're willing to sit there and grind out some surveys, you can make MUCH more per day! Its all about desire - if you are willing to spend the time working, you can earn a lot of money each and every day.


When you come to the Offerewalls, you are essentially earning ca$h. For every 100,000 coins you earn from the offerwalls, you can INSTANTLY redeem them for $1.00 USD.

You can also transfer your coins to your sports bucks balance if you prefer to place bets instead. (10,000 coin balance is required to transfer to Sport Bucks)

 How does the 50/50 game work?

This game is action packed! Roll the dice and if you hit the required numbers you are given a chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune Wheel. The Wheel of Fortune gives you a opportunity to win between $0.00 - $0.09. Don't get snake bitten by hitting $0.00!!! Play as often as you like! Great way to earn extra Sport Bucks!

 How does the lottery work?

CentSports lottery is a quick fun game that you can play and earn Sport Bucks. The basics of the CentSports lottery are the same as any lottery, pick numbers and if your numbers are selected you win.....pretty simple right? Once you win the lottery reward is automatically added into your account.

 How does the guess & win game work?

The Guess & Win game is super cool & super easy. Select a number in the given range and if you select the correct number you win. The Guess & Win is a easy game that allows you to earn Sport Bucks quick & easy. Once you get that first correct winner you will be hooked.

 How does the squares game work?

Choose a square on the board & as soon as the game is started your number is revealed. If your number(s) matches the correct score/number you win. We provide squares for football & basketball only.

 How does the pick'em game work?

This is going to be a fan favorite around here or atleast we think so. The highest number goes on your MOST confident pick & lowest number goes on your LEAST confident pick. Example : So if there are 16 games 16 would be on your most confident & 1 on the least confident. Numbers are added up on winning selections. Highest score wins! 

 Bet Chips

What are Bet Chips? 

Bet Chips give the user the ability to earn without watching ads. All Bet Chips can quickly and easily be transferred into rewards, which a is required to cashout. 

What can I do with Bet Chips?

Enter contests, spin the Wheel of Fortune daily, answer Bet Chip questions and much much more! 

So how do I get these Bet Chips? 

Head on over to the Bet Chips page where they are there for purchase. (Under Tools in the Top Navigation)

 What is Elite Access?

Elite Access has to many great features to add them all here. It just wouldn't do it justice! Elite Access in nut shell gives you more cashout power and ton more options and access to features on the website that basic users do not receive.

 Can I refer my cronies (friends) to CentSports?

Absolutely you can! We need your help and we aren't afraid to ask for it and better yet we will pay you for it! For each cronie you refer to CentSports through your referral link we will give $0.40 Sport Bucks & you will earn 10% all your cronies offerwall coins. We also have RAF leaderboard that we pay out each month in Sport Bucks for the highest referrers.  Basically with out you the members referring your friends this site will not and cannot be sucessful. So please we are bagging you refer your friends.

 Customer Support has the best customer service in the galaxy! FACT! Got a question create a support ticket or hit us up on chat or post it in the forum. The bottom line is if you have issue we want to fix it. Nothing is so small. If you have problem we want to help.