CFL Picks Against the Spread

Betting on CFL games provides excellent opportunities for CFL wagers against the spread. Bettors should note the differences between this league and other football betting markets that make betting on CFL matches unique, including teams only having three downs instead of four and there being an option to utilize rouge one-point plays.

CFL(ATS) Picks: Taking Advantage of Home-Road Advantage

The Canadian Football League may not be as well known in the US as either NFL or college football, but devoted fans and sports bettors still love betting on CFL games. Here are a few key considerations bettors should take note of before placing their bets:

One of the easiest and quickest ways to profit from Canadian Football League (CFL) games is by backing an away team in its home stadium - known as "chalking", this strategy takes advantage of large spreads with low risk; betting $10 on a team with odds of -500 will yield $2 in profit.

Another approach to making money betting CFL games can be achieved through consistently backing road underdogs of 4.5 points or more as road underdogs. Though this strategy might seem narrower in scope, its results have proven fruitful over the last decade for those willing to persevere with it.

Bettors should take the time to research betting trends before placing their bet. Doing this will enable them to understand a team's strengths and weaknesses as well as any potential pitfalls, which will enable them to determine whether a line is worth betting on or not. Like American football games, CFL lines shift with the action; an opening line might show Calgary as being -6.5 against Hamilton but could change after an injury occurs or news breaks out about either player.

Developing a Strong Understanding of the Roster

CFL teams resemble NFL ones in many respects, yet there are distinct differences that could impede betting strategies. The league uses three downs instead of four and 12 players on the field rather than 11; these differences can make or break wagering outcomes, but you can overcome them by developing a deep understanding of both teams and individual players.

One of the key aspects to developing is understanding your team's offensive and defensive schemes, along with injury news that may alter the line in any given direction. Weather can also play a big part in how games pan out; rain and wind can hinder passing and kicking while snow can prevent movement of the ball.

Considerations should also be given to the scoring system. Aside from touchdowns, converts, and field goals, CFL scoring involves something known as rouges - worth one point and which can make an important difference when assessing totals.

In 2022, the Canadian Football League will implement some rule changes intended to speed up and enhance offense, leading to potential increases in totals. Furthermore, special teams play an outsized role in CFL games since their impact can be felt more significantly on punt and kick return returns than in NFL.

Taking Advantage of Offense Efficiency

Researching teams and players thoroughly is always essential, but especially so for Canadian Football League (CFL) betting as this league has different rules from those seen elsewhere  such as there are different rules regarding the play clock and timeouts plus the field is wider as well, all things that need to be taken into consideration prior to making your CFL bets. By spending some time understanding these unique regulations, bettors can make better decisions when selecting CFL picks against the spread.

Bettors looking for an easier option than betting Against the Spread may prefer wagering on totals instead. Total bets rely on both teams combining to score, offering another way of increasing profits when betting CFL games. When placing total bets it is essential to consider talent on both sides when placing one; other considerations might include weather conditions or weather-based factors as well. 

Taking Advantage of Weather Conditions

Betting on CFL games gives bettors another edge: weather conditions. As with NFL and Arena League matches, weather can have an immense effect on scoring; rainy conditions often force teams to reduce offensive production leading to lower than anticipated totals.

Sunny weather conditions may lead to higher than anticipated totals, so it is essential that you research both cities before placing a bet - taking this time will allow you to make more informed decisions when betting on CFL games.


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