CFL 2nd Half Picks Against the Spread

The regular season of the Canadian Football League (CFL) runs from June to November, featuring nine teams, including the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. CFL games are usually played at night, with goalposts positioned at the front of the end zone. CFL betting options are comparable to NFL bets, including spread bets on the second half of games. 

This article will discuss second-half CFL picks against the spread and how it can be a profitable betting strategy for fans and bettors alike.


Reviewing First-Half Performance And Trends

When betting on the second half of CFL games, the most important thing to consider is how the first half played out. That doesn’t mean looking at the score at halftime but delving deeper into stats and trends from the first half. When assessing the game's first half of play, savvy bettors will look at things like injuries, team and player stats, weather, and coaching strategies


Key Factors To Consider When Making Second-Half Picks

When it comes to making CFL second-half picks against the spread, there are three key factors to consider:

  1. Pass Rush and Rush Yards - Analyze each team's defensive and offensive play, focusing on their pass rush and running game. A strong pass rush can lead to quick turnovers, while a solid run game can control the clock and limit the opposing team's possession.
  2. Momentum Shifts - Watching for momentum shifts in the game can help predict each team's second-half performance. You can establish where the momentum lies by watching the first half or digging into the box score. Look for things like key turnovers, impressive scoring drives, or defensive lapses.
  3. Home/Away Records - Take note of each team's home and away records. A team with an undefeated home record may have a stronger mental edge over their opponents, especially if they're heavy home favorites. Conversely, a team with a poor away record may struggle to overcome the home team's advantage.
  4. Line Movements - Always look out for any movements to the betting line leading up to a game. These movements can result from injuries or other breaking news, but it can also indicate which team is receiving the CFL consensus picks. Knowing how the betting public perceives a game can help you confirm your own research or even shed light on something you may have missed.

By considering these factors when making your second-half picks against the spread, you can increase your chances of making accurate predictions and winning your bets.


Spread Betting in the CFL

One of the most popular forms of betting is the spread bet, where you wager on the point difference of each team's final score. Some teams are heavy favorites, while others are significant underdogs. The spread levels the playing field, allowing you to make bets with decent odds on any CFL game.

By comparing each team's strengths, weaknesses, and past performance, you can make informed spread picks with a better chance of winning. For instance, team A may be a 7.5-point favorite over Team B, but if Team B has a strong pass rush and an excellent run game, they may be able to cover the spread. 


Final Thoughts And Recommendations For Successful Betting In The Second Half 

As we wrap up our overview of CFL second-half spread betting, there are a few final thoughts on the topic:

1. Stay up to date with team news and injuries.

2. Consider home-field advantage and recent team performance.

3. Look for value in underdogs and avoid heavy favorites.

4. Pay attention to the 2nd half odds and betting rules.

6. Bet responsibly and manage your bankroll wisely.

By implementing these tips, you can increase your chances of successful CFL betting in the second half of games. This can help improve your CFL betting strategy and lead to a more enjoyable and profitable experience. As long as you do your research and always bet responsibly, CFL second-half spread betting can be a great option for bettors of all levels!

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