NHL Picks Against the Spread and NHL Predictions

The National Hockey League does not bring in a ton of betting action throughout the regular season, but that changes a bit when the playoffs start. Playoffs in the NHL are extremely exciting, and new fans seem to show up each year when they begin.

Even though betting on today's NHL isn’t extremely popular, the sport does provide some unique and interesting ways to win some moneyCentSports offers NHL betting throughout the season, including puck line picks, prop bets, parlays, expert NHL picks, playoff picks, and free NHL predictions. We have some great practice betting options available to our customers.

In addition to offering several NHL betting options to our members, CentSports is now offering free expert NHL picks against the spread. That’s right, free hockey picks and predictions, and all of them are delivered by experts.

At CentSports, we believe in putting our members first, and we are always looking for new ways to help out. The hope is that you can use today's best NHL consensus picks to help win some big money in the upcoming NHL season. Check out our latest NHL odds which include odds for marquee matchups like the Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jackets vs Canadiens, or an underdog like the Canucks meeting the Vegas Golden Knights in NHL action.


How Are NHL Picks Against The Spread Different From Other Sports?

Part of the reason that betting on hockey is not as popular as it is in other sports is that betting on hockey works a little bit differently. NHL spread picks are not extremely common, and that’s the preferred betting type for most bettors. 

You won’t find many hockey against spread picks on our website each day but you will find many lines up to make your free picks against the spread including NHL totals, moneylines and ATS picks.

Fewer NHL Betting Picks Options

Since the National Hockey League is not extremely popular, sportsbooks will usually offer fewer betting options. The sport itself also lends itself to having fewer betting options available, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great ways to win. 

Leagues like the NFL and NBA will have a large number of betting options available for each game, but bettors are limited when betting on the NHL. CentSports will deliver free NHL hockey picks, lines and NHL betting odds on all of the betting options available including 1st period NHL picks.

Lower Scoring Games

Another way that daily NHL picks are different from other sports is that most NHL games are relatively low scoring. NHL and soccer are extremely similar in this way, and that plays a huge role in the NHL picks that we will deliver.

The fact that NHL hockey games are so low-scoring also makes betting on the sport difficult in some regard. This is where having NHL public consensus picks data comes into play, this can be very useful when making your picks.

Games Are Usually Tight

Another reason that betting against the spread in the NHL is not that common is that hockey games are usually very tight throughout. The final score is routinely within one or two goals, and the NHL action is non-stop.

Hockey is similar to baseball in the fact that even the worst teams in the league are able to knock off the top teams on any given night. There are still dominant teams each year, but they don’t blow out the competition with regularity. 

Pulled Goalies

Another aspect of hockey that makes the sport different from other sports is what usually transpires at the end of a close game. The losing team will likely pull their goaltender in an effort to create better scoring opportunities. 

Even though teams that pull their goalie are not thinking about betting outcomes when they do this, this plan can definitely affect the way bets turn out. CentSports will keep this strategy in mind when putting together our free NHL picks, but it does add an extra wrinkle to making hockey predictions. 

NHL Moneyline Betting is Popular

Moneyline bets are the most popular way to bet on the NHL, and that is very different from some other sports and leagues. A moneyline bet is the easiest type of bet to understand, but it can sometimes lead to a lack of winnings.

Our free daily expert NHL predictions will include a long list of NHL money line picks each day, and we will break down the reasoning behind each of our picks. You won’t ever have to worry about us just coming up with a random list because we will always break down all of our picks. 


Do Professional Handicappers Have An Advantage With Hockey NHL Picks Today?

Professional handicappers always have a secret advantage over casual bettors when it comes to making hockey betting picks, but the sport of hockey doesn’t really offer a ton of advantages over other sports. 

Here are a few ways in which expert handicappers have the edge over casual bettors, and all of our handicappers are professionals at CentSports. 

More Research

Most casual bettors don’t spend a ton of time doing intense research, which is a big mistake. Our professional handicappers don’t make that mistake, and they devote a ton of time to preparing their free picks.

Since the NHL is not as popular as some other sports in the United States, the league does not get the same coverage. That forces our handicappers to go the extra mile to find out this information, but that’s exactly what they do. 

Proven Track Record

A sports bettors doesn’t become an expert overnight, and it takes a long track record of success. Our members have all seen their share of bad days, but they have continued to work on their craft to perfect it. 

This doesn’t mean that all of our picks will be guaranteed winners, but our expert members have earned the right to suffer a few losses from time to time. 

They Know All the Teams

Professional handicappers also know all of the teams in the NHL, and they know all of the key stats for each team. Most casual bettors tend to stay away from betting on the league, which can make winning money on the NHL an impossible task.

Our professional handicappers spend time watching the games and studying each and every team in the league. You don’t have to be an expert on the NHL to win big, but you have to follow our lead. 

Finding Best Matchups is Key

Professional handicappers also know how to find the best betting matchups each day, giving them a chance to win more money. Not every game is a great betting opportunity, and some games should be avoided at all costs.

CentSports will only deliver expert picks & tips for the best betting matchups, and we will leave out the matchups that have our professional handicappers on edge. 


Do Stats Matter With The NHL? Do NHL Expert Picks Today Provide An Advantage?

Stats are extremely important when betting on any sport, and that includes the NHL. The more stats you know, the better chance you have of winning a bet.

Not only do you need to know the statistics, but you also need to know and understand what statistics matter. Here are a few things to look for when digging into NHL stats:

Special Teams

The most important aspect of hockey is special teams play, and this could make or break a season for each team in the league. There are two sides to special teams; power play and penalty kill.

Usually, the top teams in the NHL are great at both aspects of special teams, and the bottom teams really struggle. The first thing to look at when studying a betting matchup is the special team number for each team.

Goals-Against Average

Another important aspect when looking at an NHL matchup is the goals-against average for each goaltender set to start in that game. Goaltenders play a huge role in every NHL game, and that can dictate the type of bet you want to make.

Even some of the worst teams in the league can have a terrific goaltender, and that goalie can steal a game away on any night. Goals-against average is one of the most important stats to look at when trying to handicap a hockey matchup. 

Home/Road Splits

Home and road splits also matter in the NHL, which can play a huge role in NHL betting. Home and road splits vary from year to year, and they can be drastically different for each team in the league.

Don’t always assume that the home team has an advantage by playing on home ice because some teams perform better on the road. Instead of just looking at the location of the game, take a look at the home and road splits for each team in the matchup. 


How Do You Handicap and Make NHL Playoff Predictions & NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

Betting on the NHL Playoffs and NHL Stanley Cup Finals is extremely popular in the United States, and CentSports will ramp up their betting options when the postseason begins.

The NHL Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals work a little bit differently than the regular season does, and the betting action can look a lot different as well. Here are some important things to remember when trying to handicap the NHL postseason:

Look at Regular-Season Matchups

When looking at each playoff series or the Stanley Cup Finals, the first thing to do is take a look at the regular-season matchups between each team. Throw the seeding out the door and simply focus on how one team has fared against the other team. 

Top seeds in the NHL Playoffs lose in the first round each year, and it’s usually because they are playing a team that presents a bad matchup for them. If one team has dominated the other during the regular season, sports betting odds are that the same outcome will occur in the playoffs. 

Look at Recent Trends

Another thing to consider when trying to handicap the NHL playoffs is to look at the recent trends for each team in a matchup. Try to determine which team is playing the best hockey leading up to that series, and figure out why they are playing better.

If a team is coming off a sweep in the previous round, then there is a good chance that they are a hot team that will continue to make a deep run. Trends always change at some point, but looking at recent trends is a great way to begin handicapping NHL betting. 

Who Has the Hot Goaltender?

We already discussed the importance that goaltenders have in each hockey game, but that really gets amplified when it comes to the NHL playoffs. The team that wins the Stanley Cup usually features the goaltender who has played the best throughout the playoffs.

NHL teams carry two goaltenders throughout the regular season, and most of the time, the goalies split time on the ice. That doesn’t occur in the playoffs as each team goes with their top option in the postseason. 

Betting on the team with the hottest goaltender is a great place to start, but there are other things to consider as well. 

Injuries Play a Role

Hockey is a violent sport, and injuries occur often. Hockey players are also extremely tough, but there are still situations where players are forced out of the lineup. It usually takes a serious injury for a hockey player to be shut down, but this does still occur. 

Before each round of the playoffs begins, it is important to take a look at the injury report and see which players will be sitting out for each team. Keep an eye on the injury report throughout the series, as new injuries can pop up at any time. 

Home Ice Matters

Even though home ice doesn’t necessarily matter during the regular season, that isn’t the case when it comes to the NHL playoffs. Home ice plays a huge role in determining which team wins the series.

Stealing a game on the road can swing the series in a big way, and that should be taken into consideration when trying to handicap a series. Look for the teams that were dominant on their home ice during the regular season to keep that up in the playoffs. 

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