Types of Sports Bets to Make with Friends

Types of Sports Bets to Make with Friends
Types of Sports Bets to Make with Friends

The excitement of watching the big game in your man cave, local sports bar or casino and even at the stadium is one of the best enjoyments in life. Now as many people will turn to online sports books and other sites such as CentSports, another option that exists is making different types of sports bets with your friends. While live sports deliver a ton of excitement, the opportunity to bet on sports delivers an entirely different feeling and one that sports fans around the world continue to love. Those sports bets could be for fun or for bragging rights or it could be for a reward or for a cash bet. 

Nonetheless whatever route you choose to go, the opportunity to have a great experience with friends while having a competitive advantage is a plus. That said, there are different types of sports bets to make with friends and for different options of rewards you could wager on those bets. Luckily for you we have some different types of sports bets to make with friends and some wagers. 

Here is CentSports list of Types of Sports Bets to make with friends:

Winner/Loser Bet – Like sports betting in general the most popular bet you can make with friends is betting the outcome of a matchup. For example the Los Angeles Dodgers are taking on the Los Angeles Angels. Either you or your friend will take the Dodgers to win while the other one will take the Angels. To make it more interesting a wager on this contest will raise the stacks. The wager could be for a cash or reward such as a loser purchases the next round at the liquor store or buys dinner.

Play Outcome Bet – Here is an interesting sports bet that you can make with your friends and one that can go on from the start of the game to the final play of the game. While watching the game you can alter between each other to bet what will happen on the next play.

For example you are watching a basketball game between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. The Rockets have the ball and it’s your turn to bet. You bet that James Harden will score the next basket for the Rockets or you can bet the Rockets will make a three pointer. If you bet Harden to score and he does you win and if he doesn’t they win. While placing these types of bets you can keep score on paper with the person with the most points winning the matchup.

Head 2 Head Fantasy Bets – Another way you can make sports bets with friends are playing head to head (H2H) fantasy sports matchups against each other. With this option you can use two teams in one game or you can bet against an entire day lineup of games for a wide range of sports such as the MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL to name just a few. The best part of this is that there are a wide range of sites to allow you to set up the matchup and can even bet money in your account against each other.

Player Bet – Much like a play outcome bet, you and your friends can each pick a player and bet who will score more points or have more hits or rush for more yards. This type of bet can be done for a single game or over an extended period such as one player from the ten MLB games taking place today or you each have a player for 3/5/7 day period. After that period, the player who has the more hits or rushing yards or etc. would win the bet.

Different types of sports bets you can make with your friends: 

Cash – The simplest sports wager is cash and one that you can still do with your friends. That said, sometimes these types of bets can be hard to do since it is between two friends. 

Beer/Food Run – Here is another type of wager you can make, you could wager lunch/dinner on the specific bet type or even a purchase at the liquor store. While still having to spend money, it will extend your hanging out time with your friends.

Chore/Job – Another fun type of wager with your friends is betting that the loser will have to complete a chore or job. This type of wager could include the losing individual would have to clean/wash your car or cut your grass or even help complete a job around your house such as putting up a fence. 

Nonetheless these types of sports bets with friends and wagers are just another chance to have a good time with them.

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