How to Be a Full-Time Sports Bettor

How to be a full-time sports bettor
How to be a full-time sports bettor

If you want to turn this into a full-time career, then there are many different strategies that you will need to employ. CentSports comes up with some tips for becoming a full-time sports bettor and turning this hobby into a lifestyle. 

Sports betting continues to grow in the United States, and there is probably a good chance that you want to break into the industry. Sports betting can be a great hobby for making some extra money, but it can also become a career. We’ll try to help you learn how to be a full-time sports bettor.

There are plenty of professional sports bettors out there, and you could be the next one. CentSports is a great place to master this craft before trying out your hand in the huge sports betting industry.

Start Slow

The first thing that you must do if you plan on becoming a full-time sports bettor is to start slow and build your way up. You’ve heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and the same principle applies to betting on sports. 

Starting at CentSports is a great way to start slow and test out some betting strategies. Eventually, you will move to a bigger sportsbook, and you will once again need to start slowly. 

You might see dollar signs in your dreams, but it’s important to show some patience and wait for the big money to roll in. Slow and steady wins the race, and it will help you win big. 

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

CentSports should always be included in your list of sportsbooks, but it’s best to venture out to other sportsbooks. Each sportsbook will have different sports and odds listed, and you should always be looking for the best opportunities.

Sportsbooks also offer some great bonuses and promotions, which can save you a ton of money in the long run. Stay up to date on the latest bonuses and always bet at the sportsbook that is giving the best odds. 

Become an Expert in Multiple Sports

Becoming an expert in one sport is a great way to start, but most sports aren’t played year-round. If you are planning on becoming a full-time sports bettor, you will have to find some action throughout the year.

The best way to ensure that you always have betting opportunities is to become an expert in multiple sports. Look outside of the top professional sports in the United States for some other great betting opportunities. 

Becoming a full-time sports bettor is great, but you will also need to become a full-time sports watcher. On the other hand, don’t place any bets on sports or leagues that you are not familiar with.

Do Plenty of Research

If you aren’t checking out the odds at a sportsbook, you should be spending the rest of your time doing research. Research is the key to becoming a successful sports bettor, and you can never have enough information.

Depending on the sport, there are several different aspects that you might need to research. Watching sports is a great way to get your research started, but you must also dig deeper to find more information. 

If this is a full-time “job” for you, you should treat it as such and work hard to master your craft. 

Create a Bankroll Management Plan

Before you even start placing any bets, you need to create a bankroll management plan. This plan will need to be solid, and it will guide your entire journey through sports betting.

To start this plan, you need to decide how much money you are willing to invest in sports betting. Since this is a full-time job, then you will need to invest a large amount of money to see some results. 

You will also need to determine a betting unit that you will use for each bet. A “unit” is the amount of money that you bet, and it should be the same for all of your wagers. 

After you begin betting, you will need to make some changes or modifications to your bankroll management plan, depending on your results. Making changes is fine, but always stick to the plan and don’t deviate from it. 

Show Some Restraint

After you have turned this hobby into a lifestyle, you will still need to show some restraint. Simply placing a bet on any game that you see will not work, and it will end up costing you plenty of money. 

It’s okay to always be looking for the next game to bet on, but there will be days where it is best to sit back and not throw any money into the ring. It’s better not to win any money on a particular day than to lose it all because you just had to make a bet. 

Casual sports bettors often make this mistake, but a full-time sports bettor simply can’t afford to place these kinds of bets.

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