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College Basketball Picks

CentSports is excited to offer free daily NCAA college basketball picks against the spread to all of their customers, beginning with the upcoming 2021 -2022 season. CentSports will continue to keep you up to date with the latest stories, while also providing betting tips and predictions. CentSports has compiled a team of betting experts to deliver college basketball picks each day. This team of experts will do all of the research for you, saving you time and energy each day.

College Basketball Picks Against the Spread

Oct 27, 2020
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College Basketball Picks & Predictions

College basketball is an extremely popular sport in the United States, especially when the calendar flips to March. Betting on the entire season is popular, but all of the betting action kicks up a notch when the March Madness tournament begins.

If you are looking for more excitement when it comes to college basketball, look no further than CentSports! CentSports is excited to announce that they are offering free college basketball picks, and these picks will be delivered by experts every single time. 

CentSports will never guarantee any of our picks, but we will always guarantee that our experts have spent plenty of time coming up with them. We also guarantee that we will never charge any money for these picks.

CentSports wants to make you a winner when betting on college basketball, and our free picks are the perfect way to accomplish that. We offer some terrific college basketball betting options, and you can use the free picks on our site as well.

Free picks are great, but there are plenty of other things to consider when betting on college basketball. This guide will help you become an expert at betting on college basketball and outline the number of great ways to win. 

Is it easier to bet on college basketball vs. other sports?

Many experts will argue that betting on college basketball is easier than betting on other sports, but is that really the case? There is definitely a case that can be made, but that doesn't mean that it's accurate for everyone.

The reality is that betting on any sport is difficult, even if you become an "expert." There are certain situations that make betting on college basketball easier than other sports, but it depends on the circumstances. 

Here are a few situations where betting on college hoops can be easier than betting on other sports. 

Depends on Strategy

There are several different betting strategies to employ when betting on college basketball, and the strategy that is chosen can make a huge difference. Some bettors choose to wait until the March Madness tournament to begin betting, but that can make things a bit more complicated.

If you want to make betting on college basketball easier than in other sports, it is important to develop a solid betting strategy before betting on the sport. A betting strategy is extremely important in every sport, but it can definitely provide an edge when betting on college basketball. 

Different Betting Types

College basketball offers a large number of different betting types, and some of these betting options are easier to win than others. If you want to take advantage of NCAA Basketball betting, it is important to choose the right betting types.

Some betting types are easier to win than others, while other betting types will offer much better payout options. Focus on the betting types that have a combination of each of these aspects and spend your time placing these types of bets. 

No Guarantees

Even if you, or experts, think that betting on college basketball is easier than other sports, it is important to remember that there are no guarantees. Sports betting is extremely difficult, and it is very frustrating as well.

Even if you think you have betting on college basketball mastered, it's important to remember that there are no guarantees. Betting on college basketball might be easier than betting on other sports or leagues, but that doesn't mean that you will make a ton of money making CBB picks. 

What professionals know about betting college basketball that amateurs don't

There are two types of sports bettors out there; professionals and amateurs. There is a fine line between each category, but there are certain aspects that separate each one of them.

CentSports is hoping that you will become a college basketball betting professional, but there are several things that you must remember. Here is a list of things that professionals know about betting on college basketball that an amateur doesn't. 

NCAA College Basketball Picks Predictions

Plenty of Research

The most important aspect that separates professional bettors from amateurs is the amount of research that is done. Research might sound extremely tedious and time-consuming, but it can separate amateur sports bettors from the experts. 

There are many different things to research when it comes to betting on NCAA Basketball, but you can never find enough information. 

Betting Trends

Professional sports bettors love looking at betting trends, and amateurs should follow the exact same process. Betting trends can always change at some point, but it is a great way to start when looking at a matchup.

Professional sports bettors study betting trends, and they can find key information to help them with their picks. CentSports will look at betting trends also, and all of our free picks will be delivered with recent betting trends in mind.

Bankroll Management

If you plan on moving from an amateur to a professional sports bettor, then it is extremely important that you have a solid bankroll management plan. There are several things to consider when coming up with this plan, but it's up to each individual to create a plan that meets their needs.

One of the most important parts of this plan is to choose a betting "unit." A betting unit is the amount of money that you use for each wager, and professional sports bettors will use the same unit for each bet that they make. 

Showing Restraint

With so many games on the schedule, it is easy to get caught up in all of the excitement. Amateur bettors will place bets on a large number of games throughout the NCAA Tournament, but that is a huge mistake.

The best way to become a professional when making college basketball picks is to show some restraint and only place bets when the odds are in your favor. Sportsbooks will always try to entice you to get in on the action, but there is a reason that sportsbooks continue to make money.

Another important thing to remember is not to chase your losses. You are going to lose some money when betting on college basketball, and you can't get all of your money back at one time. Show some patience, and great betting opportunities will present themselves. 

Why everyone places NCAA basketball picks during March Madness

March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, and it rivals the Super Bowl in terms of bets that are placed. Even the most casual sports bettor will likely place a bet on March Madness, and there are many reasons why. 


The NCAA Basketball Tournament is extremely entertaining, and it captivates an entire country for almost a month. There is a reason that the tournament is called "March Madness," and that's because craziness usually ensues. 

Sports bettors love placing bets on the NCAA Tournament because it provides an extra level of entertainment and excitement. Watching the madness is one thing, but making some money on the event is even better. 

Constant Action

The first two days of March Madness provide non-stop basketball action for almost 12 hours of the day. There are 16 games on each of the first two days of the tournament, which means there are plenty of betting opportunities.

With so many games on the schedule, it gives bettors several great opportunities to place some bets and win some money. If you lose one bet, there is always a chance to make up for that loss by winning a bet on another game. 

Favorable Odds

Sportsbooks make a ton of money during March Madness, and they offer some favorable odds to bettors to bring in more business. Sportsbooks will offer many great odds and promotions during March Madness, and bettors can take advantage of this and make some money.

It's important to remember that not all of the odds will be favorable, but CentSports will help point out all of the odds that can help you win big.

Plenty of Betting Options

The Super Bowl and the March Madness Tournament are the two biggest sporting events of the year, and these two events offer the largest number of betting options. Prop betting is extremely popular with both events, and this provides a great and exciting option for sports bettors.

Each game of the NCAA Tournament will offer some great betting options, and that is one of the main reasons that the tournament sees a large number of bets. Bettors will have several betting types at their disposal, and they will be able to choose the top options in an effort to win some money. 

Secrets to being successful at making NCAA Tournament picks

The NCAA Tournament is one of the most popular sporting events of the year, and it's the biggest time of the year for college basketball bettors. This doesn't mean that everyone that bets on the NCAA Tournament will be a winner, but there is a real chance to make some money.

Here are a few secrets to being successful at betting on the NCAA Tournament, and a number of these tips are extremely easy to follow. 

Expect Losses

If you want to become successful at betting on the NCAA Tournament, you need to understand that you will suffer some losses. The hope is that you keep the losses to a minimum, but you aren't going to win every bet that you make.

The NCAA Tournament is full of upsets each year, and these upsets will likely hurt your bets. As long as you know and understand this going into the event, it will help you keep a positive mindset even if you lose a few games.

Look For Opportunities

With so many games taking place during the NCAA Tournament, this also means that there are plenty of opportunities to make some money. It's important to look for terrific betting opportunities rather than just placing random bets throughout the tournament.

CentSports will highlight some of the best opportunities for each round of the NCAA Tournament, but there is still plenty of pressure on you. Look at the brackets and the schedule and find the best opportunities in each round. 

Take Some Games Off

The NCAA Tournament is loaded with college basketball action, and there are games that take place non-stop throughout the first weekend. Even as teams get eliminated, the action continues throughout the next few weeks.

There will be plenty of temptation to place a bet on each game of the NCAA Tournament, but that is not a wise strategy. Some games simply won't offer great betting opportunities, and it is important to take some games off.

CentSports will provide free NCAA betting picks for almost every single game of the NCAA Tournament, but that does not mean that you should place a bet on each game. 

Research, Research, Research

We've already mentioned this a few different times in this guide, but it bears repeating. If you want to be successful when making NCAA Tournament picks, it's important to do plenty of research. 

Making a "guess" when betting on the NCAA Tournament might yield some successful picks, but it's impossible to expect sustained success without doing any research. The NCAA Tournament is extremely popular, and that means that there will be plenty of information available for each game of the event.

If you ever come to a point where you think you've done enough research, spend an extra hour looking into the game to ensure that you have found all of the valuable information. 

Free Picks

Another secret is to find someone that will provide you free picks, and we have you covered here at CentSports. This doesn't mean that getting free picks is the only secret to making successful NCAA tournament picks, but it's a great way to start.

CentSports will not only provide NCAA Tournament picks for free, but they will always be delivered by an expert. Our picks will also explain each game, which will give you extra peace of mind when following our suggestions.