What is Free Play Sports Betting?

What is Free Play Sports Betting
What is Free Play Sports Betting

The world of the sports betting continues to grow from year to year as legalization continues to expand across the globe. While sports betting is extremely popular around specific sporting events such as the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs and the MLB playoffs, everyday betting on daily games and events have increased. With the expansion of legalized Free Play Sports Betting and the increase of online sports betting venues the competition to land sports bettors continues to grow. This competition has led many venues to offer their sports bettors on option to free play sports betting based on a specific action.

What is free play sports betting?

While many sports bettors are familiar with the term, many others have not heard of it before. Luckily for any one the word FREE usually means you get something for free. In some aspect that is true, on other terms it is a reward for depositing money within a site or venue or through completing a specific action. While the term free play sports betting might not be used 100 percent of the time, other terms used in place of it include free plays, free bonus, free contests and sports betting free play bonus.

How free play sports betting works?

Now how it works will vary based on the site or venue that is offering the promotion. For example one online sports betting site may offer you a free play credits for every deposit. Then in return, the sports bettor uses the free play to enter a sports bet without using the deposited amount of money within their account. Another online sports betting site may offer you a 25% bonus on your deposit up to a specific amount of money.

For example, the sports bettor deposits $100 and receives $25 bonus cash. However, this cash is not directly deposited into the account but accrues during each bet that is placed with the website. In some instances the $25 bonus cash would be go in their own balance. So your account may display $100 and $25 free play. Now when you elect to make your sports pick, you decide to play a $5 bet from the free play account on the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Los Angeles Clippers or Kansas City Chiefs versus the San Francisco 49ers at +100.

The $5 would be removed from the free play balance. If your sports pick wins, $5 would be deposited within your actual deposit balance. If you lose, you just lose the money from your free play balance.

In addition to Sports Betting Free Plays in a dollar amount, some sites will offer you a chance to compete in free contests such as a March Madness NCAA Basketball Pool or Super Bowl block pool. Along with sports betting, free plays are very common in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy sports betting. In reality, is your only chance to win money for free without using your own bank roll.

Tips when you are free sports betting

Since this is free money and an opportunity to win real money, you want to use the money in a responsible manner. One tip to consider when placing a sport pick is to look for matchups that you feel good about betting. In addition to your feeling analyze the betting trends on the matchup and examine the injury reports for the teams involved. While it is free, you still want to add cash to your bank roll.

A second tip to consider is to look to a two, three or four team parlay that you feel comfortable about. While the odds are higher to win, the payouts are greater. Despite the higher risk to lose, parlay bets are easier to place when you are not playing with your own bank roll. A third tip to remember is to review the websites you are playing on to ensure your bank roll doesn’t expire or have a specific criteria to use the funds.

Lastly, when signing up to a sports betting website or venue, do your research prior to joining and/or depositing. Look for the best promotions available for your free plays before making your decision. In addition, consider playing on multiple sites with smaller total bank rolls this in return will give you more opportunities to free play opportunities. Enjoy your free betting experience and play responsible!

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