Top Tips for Football Bettors

Football Bettors
Football Bettors

There is no game greater than that of football. It is not called ‘The Beautiful Game’ for nothing. Packed with excitement, controversy, guile and passion, the world’s most popular sport is a treasure trove for football bettors and sometimes you need some football advice to help make better bets. There is an entry point and level for all those interested in laying down a stake. Whether you are just looking to back your team for the win, or if you’re more interested in the long game and a bigger return, our top tips will help you make the most of your time and money.


By far the most popular form of football betting, this type of bet is simple to make and can offer good returns. You simply bet on the result of a match. You can bet on either team for the win, or a draw. The bet covers the 90 minutes of the game and any added time. You don’t need to know a massive amount about the teams playing in order to make this type of bet – a quick look at past fixtures, form and the table will give you enough information to make a reasonably informed choice.


Growing ever more popular, accumulators are popular with those who love to pack their weekends with match after match. They add an extra layer of fun to enjoying the footy as you watch out for the results you’ve bet on. Although the returns on accas are less frequent, they can be big. You can find yourself winning a lot from very little. Unless you are really clued up and have knowledge that others don’t, this type of bet is best left to the casual better and the football fans.

Specific Stats

Everyone knows that the world of football is awash with statistics – we hear them quoted by commentators during every match. Football bettors also know that being aware of form, points and goal tallies is important when it comes to making your stake. However, not all football stats are created equal when it comes to using them to inform where to place your hard earned cash. Being specific about the stats you consider is important.

One of the key things to look at is the defensive and attacking records of the teams playing. You need to consider how many goals they score against how many they concede if you are to make a well-informed bet. Just because a team is putting the ball in the back of the net every week doesn’t mean they are most likely for the win if they are also leaking at the back! You may also like to look at each team’s success from set plays – corners and freekicks can give teams the edge if they are adept at taking them. Equally, a team with poor defensive organisation is likely to concede from set pieces.

Football Bettors See the Bigger Picture

You might think that a team’s top scorer is a sure thing for a weekend bet. However, it is important to remember that teams are often playing in more than one competition, and sometimes in four or five. For this reason, it is not uncommon for managers to rest big players for games they think they have a pretty good chance of winning. There is nothing more annoying for a football bettors than putting a bet on a top player to score only to see him warming the bench for 90 minutes. So, look at all of the fixtures that the teams have in all competitions before you back your man!

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