Three Key NBA Playoff Betting Trends

Three Key NBA Playoff Betting Trends

Betting the NBA playoffs can be tough, overs/unders, point spreads, and everything in-between can get quite confusing. With the recent shuffle in the NBA over the offseason, it’s become much harder to decide who the front runners will be through the playoffs. 

Considering each series is seven games, you have multiple opportunities to win as long as you make smart bets.

This is where trends come in. Betting trends help us decide where we should lean when placing our bets. Maybe the No. 3 seed covers better on the road than they do at home, maybe the eighth seed hits the Over more than the Under. 

Instead of leaving you on your own to figure this out, we’ve decided to compile a list of three key NBA playoff betting trends. Let’s get started!

Rest! Pay Attention To Roster Updates

This may seem like an obvious key, but nothing ruins playoff tickets more than players resting. A simple mistake that can lead to lost money is bettors not paying attention to roster updates that usually are finalized an hour before the game.

It’s also worth it to note that the more rested team is more likely to cover as well. Teams that have over five days of rest are obviously going to perform better than those on one day of rest. 

When making your picks, be sure to keep rest and roster updates in mind, especially in the early rounds.

The Top Seed Is Not A Guaranteed Winner 

This is one we see a lot of, as bettors see the eighth seed coming to face the top seed and immediately jump on the favorite. This kind of rush betting can lead to multiple lost tickets and some angry nights. What’s most important about the first round of games is who’s playing. 

For instance, if the NBA Playoffs started right now, the Western Conference top seed Los Angeles Lakers would face the eighth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies. Although the Lakers would likely take the series, the Grizzlies have done well against the spread. Overall, just don’t get caught up in the hype of the favorites, especially during the playoffs.

Over/Under, Who To Choose?

This has to be one of the most important trends you can pay attention to. The Over/Under is fickle and swings based on teams’ efficiency on offense and defense. You also have to take into consideration if players are resting, coming off big games and how they play on the road. 

Although it’s a difficult choice to make, trends make it easier to choose and hopefully capitalize on.

When betting the Over/Under, always take into consideration both offenses and both defenses. By the third game of the series, you should be able to get a good idea of how the teams play each other and who exploits defenses better. 

This year the competition is more intense on both sides of the ball, so to be accurate, you’ll have to do some homework before betting. Whether in the first round or last round, be sure to pay attention to how the teams have played each other through the season before making a pick.

These are just some ways to ensure you have some success betting the NBA postseason, remember each game is different, and you’ll have to do your homework every time.

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Three Key NBA Playoff Betting Trends