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Sports Betting Bookie Site
Sports Betting Bookie Site

The age of sports continues to evolve from year to year as the growth of the sporting industry continues to grow. This growth has led many who want to bet on sports events to turn to new sports betting bookie site, new sports bookies and other alternatives of sports betting. From soccer to baseball to football to even E-Sports, the popularity levels continues to rise on a day to day basis. Along with the growth of the games, the level of sports betting continues to grow as fans, sports bettors and professional handicappers continue to evolve with the games.

Luckily for you, CentSports is a state of the art sports betting bookie site that not only offers you a wide range of sports betting options but offers you a chance to win real money without spending a single cent of your own money. In addition, the site offers many additional features that makes CentSports a game changer in the sports betting industry.

Yes, you read that correct. A site that offers you a chance to place a sports bet, win real money and not spend any of your own money. This might be the best feature of the site and one that makes it an easy choice for anyone to SIGN UP on. How CentSports works is a very easy concept. CentSports gives you money to make your bets with while also allowing you an opportunity to complete small tasks such completing a survey to earn additional money to be used to spent.

In return, CentSports makes their money by the companies electing to advertise with them. A win for you and a win for CentSports. In the end, CentSports is a free sports betting bookie site which acts as your sports bookie.

Now in addition to the free money to make your sports picks with, CentSports has a ton106 of additional benefits that any sports bettor can take advantage of. These additional benefits include the following:

Wide Range of Sports Betting Bookie Site Options

CentSports offers you a chance to place single and parlay bets on a wide range of sports including the NBA, NCAA College Basketball, NFL, XFL, NHL, MLB, Fighting, Racing, Soccer and even on E-Sports contests/tournaments. In addition to placing bets on the total outcome of a contest, CentSports offers you a chance to place bets on the 1st Half or 2nd Half of a contest or even each quarter. Along with these options, CentSports offers sports bettors a wide range of prop bets to bet on daily.

Earn Coins – Not only will CentSports give you money to bet on contests with, the site offers you a wide range of opportunities to earn additional coins. This ensures you spend no out of pocket money to make your sports bets daily. The Earn Coins feature offers users a chance to complete offers, watch ads, complete surveys and read emails. In return, you are rewarded with coins that can be used to bet or be cashed out when you hit the cash out limit. How amazing is this? Have you signed up yet? If not sign up today. 

The Wall – One great benefit that might go unnoticed is the “Wall” that is included with your free membership to the CentSports website. Basically the “Wall” is a free message board that allows users to interact with each other as a community while helping each other make the right sports picks to help win cash. In addition to the “Wall”, users can add friends through the site to allow for easy communication. 

Referral Program – Another great feature for you the sports bettor is the free referral program that CentSports offers. The program allows for you to invite friends, family and fellow sports bettors to join the sports betting bookie site, in return you earn 5% of all coins earned on the completion of activities on the wall.

Contests – In addition to all of those great features and benefits, CentSports offers contests for you to take advantage of and to cash in on. Previous contests were featured for daily NBA, daily NCAA Basketball and All Day Parlay. For these contests, it costs you no additional costs but offers you a chance to win money based on the daily results. 

Advice Articles – Lastly, CentSports offers you a wide range of articles on their blog for you to read and use. These articles are free to use and deliver some great insight from the world of sports betting.

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