Has NFL PreSeason Been a Disaster for the NFL This Year?

NFL Preseason 2021
NFL Preseason 2021

While we’re only nearing the second and third weeks of NFL Preseason 2021, it sure feels like one long journey. So much action packed in just a few preseason matches makes this one of the most interesting NFL preseasons ever. It all started with the league deciding that the preseason will span over three instead of four games while increasing the actual season to 17. That’s why so far, each club has played a minimum of one game.

The real shocker was the extent of injuries that the preseason has tallied so far. This record-breaking number of injuries across the board has even stirred talk of getting rid of the preseason altogether. Nevertheless, anyone who’s sports betting online needs to get all the injury reports right away to make informed picks, so here’s a round-up of the most highlighted injuries in the preseason.

50+ Injuries In 3 Days in NFL PreSeason

Preseason games are always an exciting start to the season, but they’re also the time with the highest number of injuries. Regardless of this, the 2021 season still stands over all previous years. In 3 days, 53 players have been injured one way or another across the board. Here are some of the biggest names that took a hit.

New York Jets’ Carl Lawson – Out For The Season

Yes, the Jets will have to do without the top-notch defensive abilities of Carl Lawson for the 2021 season. On practice in Green Bay on Thursday, Carl Lawson was rushed off the field to undergo an MRI. Evidently, due to a ruptured Achilles, Lawson won’t participate in a single game for the whole season.

49ers’ Trent Williams Sits Out For The Week

One of the best offensive tackles is on the recovery this week. The 49er coach Kyle Shanahan informed reporters that Trent Williams strained his knee and will sit for the remainder of the week. While it may seem like no cause of alarm, odds are you won’t be seeing Williams till the actual season.

Steelers’ Chase Claypool Benched

At the end of Tuesday’s workout, Claypool caused the team a scare when he needed help getting off the field. Thankfully, only a slight ankle sprain has been the diagnosis. However, the coach isn’t playing any chances and has said that Claypool will be sitting out practice.

These are just three of a large number of injured people. The truth is it all seems illogical. If the teams are to play a preseason, why not ensure the safety of the players?

NFL’s Role

According to the NFL, injury drivers are the name of the game. Integrate that with impactful preventions to minimize the injury risk for players, and you have an insurance plan in motion. They did that by elaborating extensively on data scraping and analysis, which enabled them to have a ton of data. In order to understand how equipment, practices, and regulations modification might contribute towards players’ health and safety during the season, the NFL gathers and analyses pre-stage injury data. Afterward, health professionals, players and coaches, athletic trainers, team doctors, and sports club scientists dissect the information and come to conclusions.

While coaches always try to push their players to the limit and follow the notion that more is better, the NFL agrees that this isn’t always the best-case scenario. Therefore, a three-step system will be the building block for all future preseason injury prevention.

Data Gathering

In a central database, the NFL clubs are to submit their preseason data. The data covers preseason injuries in practice and games such as cerebral impairment, ACL, and MCL. This information, coupled with additional field data collected from sensors, equipment data (helmet tracks, cleats, shoulder pads), field surface information, workload, performance statistics, video reviews, makes for an impressive database of all injury stats.

Professional Input

Firstly, specialists such as IQVIA epidemiologists, Biocore’s biomechanical engineers, NFL trainers, and doctors examine the data. Then they gain an in-depth understanding of when the most injuries occur, which will provide crucial intel on how to better improve the players’ safety.

To elaborate, the NFL provides the knowledge from the analysis with those who are veterans in their respective fields. Players, coaches, trainers, and team doctors are the ones that translate the results. Data help guide attempts to reduce preseasonal injuries in three categories: concussions, head injuries, lower extremity strains, and heart-related dilemmas.

Following last year’s hiatus on the NFL’s notion of a preseason, everyone was anticipating a strong return of the 2021 preseason. Two weeks in, and everyone is in shock. While some talk was thrown around about how this preseason was a disaster, the NFL still caters to at least 250 million people globally. Hence, a disaster might be an exaggeration.

For all other sports, the present NFL economic model should be an exemplar model. After all, the NFL has become a popular leader in terms of revenue sharing.  It is uncanny how the vision of a few men, decades ago, set the foundation for one of the most popular sports leagues in the world.

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