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Are the Los Angeles Lakers On the Road For Another NBA Finals?

NBA Finals
NBA Finals

The National Basketball Association (NBA Finals) is finally back for a new season, and now, just a few weeks after the commencement last December 22, it seems things are going the way every Lakers fan wants it to. The Los Angeles Lakers are completely dominating the Western Conference League, leaving the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz running behind them.

Many fans are now excited, and early speculations are coming up that this might be another year for the Lakers to take on the road to the NBA Finals. But will it be another NBA Finals Championship trophy this time? While that’s too early to speculate and too future-forward, you can’t deny some things with this team.

Let’s get into details about how King Lebron James and the rest of his team made their way to dominate the season as early as now.

The NBA Finals Giants, Los Angeles Lakers

There’s no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers have been a tough contender in the NBA Finals. From 2000 to 2010, the Lakers made their way to appear in the NBA Finals, winning the prestigious trophy during 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, and 2010 with the late Kobe Bryant leading the team.

However, the years 2005-2007 was the downtime for the Lakers as they missed the Finals for three years in a row. After that, a long and grueling hiatus began from 2010 to 2019. It was pretty tough for the Lakers, and getting back on the finals was a far-fetched dream at that time.

However, things seem to take a different turn during 2020. Amidst the constant threat and the challenges that the pandemic brought, LeBron James and his team brought their game mode to a different level. It was like breaking ground for the Lakers when they entered the playoffs during 2013.

The Lakers dominated the Western Conference, leading the standings at 52-19 against Los Angeles Clippers at 49-23, and became the top-seed team since 2010. The odds for the NBA Finals were so clear, with the Lakers going face-to-face with the Miami Heat.

It was the first time for the Lakers to make it to the NBA Finals after so many years of missing it. It was a glorifying and momentous moment when the Lakers came down beating and trampling Heat with a 4-2 finals standing. LeBron and his men gave an all-out performance, leaving no traces of doubt in the court and earning a 30 point lead during Game 6.

The Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals Championship 2020 is now added to the 17 titles the team currently holds, tying with the Boston Celtics for the most all-time.

LeBron James’ Domination

It’ll be lying if anyone says that LeBron’s basketball prowess didn’t contribute to the team’s latest NBA Finals trophy. The championship was his way to reclaim the people’s respect for his basketball career and to bring back the respect the people should have for the Lakers that was lost for a long time.

“The King James” of the NBA court didn’t come to play around after the season 2019-20. He and his team got right back up and directly dominated the Western Conference scene when season 2020-21 tipped off. Even though they lost the opening match with the LA Clippers, 109-116, the Lakers won 2 consecutive home court plays against the Mavs and the Timberwolves.

This good news for fans continues as the Los Angeles Lakers scored their six-win games in a row after beating the Oklahoma City Thunders last January 13 at Chesapeake Energy Arena. They closed the match at 128-99, which goes to show that there are no signs of road bumps during their trip to the finals.

The Odds For The NBA Finals

According to many playmaking and betting sites, it seems that the Los Angeles Lakers is still unbeatable in the odds rankings. The team’s current conference standing is solid proof that they will be a tough contender to make it to the NBA Finals this year. If other teams match up like the LA Clipper and the Utah Jazz, they need to work extra hard to come close to the Lakers’ current standing.

Furthermore, the team has been playing decent basketball lately. According to LeBron James’s interview, he quoted that the team is exceptionally playing at their best but still graded the performance around B and B+.

However, one of the few things that need to be highlighted is the team defensive play and offensive combination. The team focused on that and heavily practiced their passing, which resulted in a road win over the OKC last Wednesday and another home win with the New Orleans Pelicans.


The Los Angeles Lakers are the epitome of a strong NBA team. The grey years are over for LeBron and the Lakers this time as they have their eyes set on a goal, hungry to win the NBA Finals again. They have solidified their intentions, consistently dominating matches both on home-court and on the road. Will this season be purple and yellow domination again, or will the other team be able to challenge the giants? It’s exciting to see what will happen and unravel in the days to come in the NBA court.

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