How To Understand Sports Betting

How to Understand Sports Betting & Becoming Profitable
How to Understand Sports Betting & Becoming Profitable

CentSports helps you understand Sports Betting for risk-free betting. That’s right; there is simply no risk when betting on sports at CentSports.

When signing up at the site, CentSports will credit your account with $0.10, giving you a chance to start making your picks. If your account ever gets back down to zero, then your account will be re-funded, giving you a chance to get back in on the action.

Even though we offer risk-free sports betting, it still helps to understand sports betting. This article will help you understand sports betting so you can win big at CentSports!

Understand Sports Betting Lines and Odds

The most important thing to know and understand sports betting is how to read betting lines and odds. CentSports makes betting lines and odds extremely simple to read and understand, but there is still some explaining that needs to be done.

When looking at a matchup, you will always see a (+) or (-) sign followed by a number. That number is the amount of money that you will either win or lose from the bet. The favorite in a matchup will always have a (-) sign, while the underdog will have a (+).

Let’s use the basic $0.10 bet to explain what this means in a fictional matchup between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

  • Chicago Bears -110
  • Green Bay Packers +130

It would take a bet of $0.11 to win $0.10 on the Chicago Bears. On the flip side, a $0.10 bet on the Green Bay Packers would net you a winning of $0.13.

The bigger the bet, the bigger the difference in payouts. If you want to win big at CentSports, then you need to play the odds and hit on some bets that offer plenty of value. 

Types of Sports Bets

Now that you have a better understanding of how betting odds and lines work, it is time to look at the most common types of sports bets. CentSports will feature all of these different betting types, but the sport will dictate the type of bets that are offered. 

It’s important to find the betting type that works best for you, and dig a little deeper to master that type of betting. Experienced bettors can begin to branch out and try new betting types. 


A moneyline bet is the easiest bet to understand sports betting, and is the bet that most beginners tend to stick with. The reason it is the easiest to understand is that you are simply choosing the winner of a particular game, match, or an event.

Odds are given for each team or player that is participating, and all you have to do is pick the correct winner to win the bet. 


A total bet is making a pick on the final score of a game. This type of bet doesn’t deal with the winner or loser of a game, but rather on the total number of points.

Total betting is extremely popular in football and basketball games, but CentSports will offer total odds on other sports as well. 

Point Spread

This type of bet is sometimes referred to as “betting against the spread.” The spread is the difference in the final score between the two teams.

You could bet on the team that loses the game with point spread betting, as long as they keep the final score within the projected range. 


Live betting has become extremely popular over the last few years, especially now that sports betting can be done online or through a mobile app. CentSports offers live betting on certain sports or events, and it can make betting even more exciting.

Live bets are usually offered on the three major betting types listed above. The only real difference is that you won’t have a ton of time to research your pick, and must make the pick in real-time. 


A parlay bet is a combination of several different smaller bets into one large wager. Odds will increase for each individual bet that you choose to include, but it also becomes much harder to win the wager. 

Making parlay bets at CentSports is a great way to build up your account in a hurry!


A teaser bet is a form of a parlay bet, but you have a little bit more control. You can “buy” points to swing the odds in your favor. It might sound like a teaser bet is easier to win, but it’s still much harder than simply making a pick on a game.

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