How to Beat the NFL Betting Line

NFL betting line

When most people consider football betting, they figure that NFL betting and college football betting are pretty much the same. They make the mistake of assuming that the odds makers see the two as the same type of thing. In reality, that’s not even close to being right. An NFL betting line is much different than a college football betting line. What are some of the differences? There are plenty and they each must be taken into account by bettors who want to be successful.

College betting lines are much more volatile than an NFL betting line. In college football, there are so many games on the board each weekend that heavy action must be monitored. For example, if somebody makes a huge play on a very obscure college football betting line, the people who make the odds are going to take a close look at that betting and be much more likely to move the line or even take it off of the board. As was the case with the University of Toledo in the last couple of years, Las Vegas has shown the willingness to keep certain teams off of the board if they feel like the action is sketchy.

With an NFL betting line, it takes a lot more action to move the point spread. People from all over the country will be betting on a number of different games. Because of this, heavy action one way or another doesn’t cause as much concern for book makers who set the NFL betting line. In college football, much of the action is local, so people who are from the south will be more likely to bet an SEC game than those folks living in California.

There are lots of reasons why the NFL and college football lines are completely different. The quickness of line moves is just one reason why you must keep that in mind.

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How to Beat the NFL Betting Line