Easiest Sports Bet to Win & Make Money

Easiest Sports Bet to Win & Make Money
Easiest Sports Bet to Win & Make Money

If you are someone that look for easiest sports bet, then you are in the industry for a chance to win some money. The average sports bettor will lose more money than they win, but you do not have to be included in that group. There are certain sports that are easier to bet on and win, and that will allow you to make some money.

The five sports listed below might not see a ton of betting action in the United States, but they offer some great opportunities to make some real money. This article will explain why these are the easiest sports to be on if you are looking to win big. 

Some Easiest Sports Bet to Look At:


Soccer might not be a popular sport in the United States, but it is the biggest sport, globally. There are many major professional soccer leagues that take place throughout Europe, and all of these leagues offer easiest sports bet opportunities. 

One of the major reasons that betting on soccer can be extremely successful is because there is a limited number of options for each match. You can bet on Team A to win, Team B to win, or on the draw. That takes some of the decision making out of the process, giving you much better odds to make the correct wager. 


Golf is an extremely unpredictable sport, which makes is a very profitable betting option. Golf tournaments are also played almost every single weekend throughout the year, giving bettors many opportunities to bet.

There are several great golf bets available that provide some pretty decent chances of winning. Also, placing a easiest sports bet on a major underdog could net you a massive payday if that golfer wins. Golf tournaments are hard to win, and there is always a chance that a big underdog could pull away with a stunning victory. 


Even though traditional boxing bets feature just three simple choices, there are many other ways to win big by betting on boxing as well. The sport of boxing has become less popular throughout the years, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great sport to bet on.

Title fights in boxing are generally very evenly matched, and the odds for each fighter are usually pretty similar. This means that the sports bettor can basically flip a coin to make a pick, and it could be the right one.

The top boxers that are fighting challengers are usually listed as big favorites, but that could provide some easiest sports bet as well. Betting big money on a boxer that is almost surely going to win could net you a huge payday.


Tennis matches are being played almost daily throughout the world, and all of the top sportsbooks will take action on these matches. Betting on the winner of a particular tennis match is a easiest sports bet strategy, and it is a great way to win some big money.

Tennis is one sport that doesn’t see a ton of major upsets in the early rounds of each tournament, which should make it pretty clear which player to bet on. Even though those players will likely have odds that don’t offer a ton of value, parlaying several of these wagers can earn you a big payday.

The top tennis players also seem to have a clear playing surface of choice, and that can take some of the decision making out of the process as well. Simply do a little research, and you should be able to find out what player has the edge in a particular march. 

Horse Racing

Horse race betting is still extremely popular throughout the world, and especially in the United States. Even though sportsbooks don’t often feature horse racing events, you will still be able to find odds for the races. 

Most horse racing events don’t have an overwhelming favorite listed, which means that all horses have similar odds. This can work in your favor if you can do some research or find some tips about the upcoming race.

There are also several different ways to win a horse racing bet, and you don’t always have to pick the winner to have a successful wager.

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