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Betting on the NFL Prop Players: 10 QB’s Racing For Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl MVP
Super Bowl MVP

One of the most sought after NFL recognitions every year is raced by the quarterbacks is the Most Valuable Player (Super Bowl MVP) Award. It is given to a NFL player who generates the highest score in both defense and offense and bears the trait of leading the team to a victorious stint.

Today, the 2020 NFL campaign is on its Week 7 Playoffs. Settling at least halfway before the Super Bowl LV finals, the fans are now only ranking the best candidates to win the MVP Award. Some of the names that might sound familiar are Mahomes, Jackson, Brady, Newton, Wilson, etc.

Not only are the players vying for the award, but the bettors are also wagering for this in the NFL Prop bets. Now that the NFL is leaning towards an intense season because the dogs are overtaking the favorite let’s know the top QB Passing Totals Player Props of ten best quarterbacks racing for the 2020 Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP Award.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is the current Super Bowl MVP holder and hopes to defend that this season. The Kansas City Chiefs are seemingly doing great as they defend their title with Mahomes as their quarterback. Looking into his current stats, Mahomes tallied 85% QBR (Quarterback Rating) with 1,699 pass yards and 15 touchdowns.

Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens have blasted a huge scoring lead during their first three matches. Lamar Jackson was held responsible for leaving all their rivals behind with the final score. He is the reigning NFL MVP Awardee and aiming to win back-to-back and wants to get the Super Bowl MVP. Today, he averages 76.2 QBR with 1,135 pass yards and ten touchdowns.

Russell Wilson

A Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback, Russell Wilson is also one of the prospects to earn this year’s MVP Award. The Seahawks today are doing excellently as they remained undefeated in the NFC West.  If Wilson and other key players can continue their streak, there is no doubt they will appear in the finals and earn the said award. In the current league, Wilson is at 81.1 QBR with 1,502 pass yards and 19 touchdowns.

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have also emerged from a long drought in the league playoffs with the help of Dak Prescott. This QB has helped his team top the NFC East and lead dogs to defeat this season. Also, he joins the roster of the best candidates to win this year’s MVP Award with a current statistics of 1,314 pass yards and 24 touchdowns.

Tom Brady

Working for the Tampa Buccaneers this year as the starting quarterback, Tom Brady has never lost his sparkle. He is one of the QB’s who might bag the MVP Award this year. Although the Bucs lost in the opening game, they have redeemed themselves in the last few weeks. Brady has a current QBR of 66.5% with 1,541 pass yards and 14 touchdowns.

Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans have one of the toughest schedules this league season, leading them to earn one win and five losses. It seems that the team is slowly losing its momentum, but Watson remains optimistic for the MVP Award. He’s still showing his best skills in the field, allowing him to garner 71.9 QBR with 1,786 pass yards and 13 touchdowns.

Drew Brees

The New Orleans Saints aim for a better league positioning this year as they are settling in the second rank for the NFC South. Drew Brees works as the team’s starting quarterback and might make miracles in the upcoming playoffs. He is one of the most veteran NFL players today who might clinch the MVP Award. In his current scorecard, Brees has earned 77.6% QBR with 1 331 pass yards and nine touchdowns.

Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals are up for a big challenge this year as they become one of the NFC West toughest teams to beat. They currently record four wins and two losses where Kyler Murray had stepped up and aimed for the MVP Award. Murray is currently at 75.8% QBR with 1,487 pass yards and ten touchdowns.

Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles have a lot of hustling to do in the NFC East as they are on one win and four loses record. Carson Wentz. On the other hand, works as starting quarterback for the teams and should perform better. However, as he garnered 51.1% QBR with 1,401 pass yards and eight touchdowns, he is one of the prospects to win this year’s MVP Award.

Cam Newton

Filling-in the final spot for the MVP candidate this year is Carson Wentz. Amidst the pressure he is getting for replacing Brady as the main quarterback for the Pats, Newton managed to maintain his composure and showed excellent plays today.  That said, his current scorecard is at 49.3% QBR with 871 pass yards and two touchdowns.


There is no other meaningful award that a quarterback can get than being recognized as the Most Valuable Player. As we inch a few more weeks before the Super Bowl MVP settles, make sure to get the latest about the top quarterbacks mentioned above as one of them can surely win the MVP this February.

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