Best Strategies & Secrets for Sports Betting

Best Strategies & Secrets for Sports Betting
Best Strategies & Secrets for Sports Betting

The idea for anyone that is looking to place a sports bet is that sports betting is not a difficult task and that it is easy to win money. In reality, sports betting is difficult and something that requires a lot of research and analayzation to be successful. In addition, to the research and analyzing of sports information, each successful sports bettor, fan and/or sports handicapper uses strategies they have learned along the way.

Luckily for you, here at CentSports we have our list of the Best Strategies for Sports Betting for you to learn, review and include in your future sports bet.

Now as for the Best Strategies for Sports Betting, everyone in the sports betting industry will follow many of the same strategies while also incorporating their own strategies in order to be successful. That said, here are a few quick rules to consider when incorporating sports betting strategies into your game plan

  • Stay consistent with one strategy at a time till you feel comfortable incorporating it into your sports betting routine. This will allow you to track how you are performing using that strategy. 
  • Don’t try to rework your sports betting routine to include a ton of strategies that you don’t feel comfortable with because others in the industry have had success using them.
  • Always use what works for you and rewards your bank roll.

With that said, here is CentSports Best Strategies for Sports Betting:

Focus on your Bankroll 

One of the most crucial aspects to being a successful sports bettor is ensuring you are focusing on your bankroll daily and you understand what you have in your account. While winning is the biggest reason to place a sports bet, everyone even the best in the industry deals with losses daily. That said, this is why you need to focus on your bankroll daily, understand that there is tomorrow and to make sure you don’t let your emotions get the best of you. 

When focusing on your bankroll you must know how much you have in your account on any giving day and how much money you have in your budget for a specific time frame. Once you determine this, you must set a daily budget that allows you to continue to make sports bets. A common strategy for most sports bettor is to use between 1 and 5 percent of your bankroll daily. Using this strategy will allow you to have the funds to rebound after a bad day. 

Don’t Let Your Emotions Dictate How You Bet Daily

Along with understanding your bankroll, the next biggest strategy any sports bettor must follow is to ensure you don’t let your emotions dictate how you place your bets. For example, say you have won back to back sports bet and all of a sudden you decide to place a third bet. On this bet, you decide to take all of your winnings and place it in this bet and you lose. Now all of your success you have had went out the door. 

The same can be said when you lose. When you lose a sports bet never decide to go above your bankroll to place another bet to try to win your money back. Don’t let your emotions force you into placing a sports bet you don’t feel comfortable with. 

Take your Wins & Loses for the daily and move on tomorrow when you have the time to put in the research to have a bet you feel comfortable with.

Research, Research and More Research

A third best strategy for sports betting is RESEARCH! Ensure you take the time to do your research daily on the sports events you want to place you sports bet on. Don’t just place a bet because a team is on a winning streak or their opponent is at the bottom of the standings. While both of these factors could play into your decision to make your final sports pick, make sure the research supports your decision. 

That said, here is a list of different research you should incorporate into your research before placing a sports bet. 

  • Hot/Cold Trends for Each Team
  • Head to Head Statistics
  • 3/5/10 Day Performance for Players
  • Injury Reports
  • Follow Experts for the Sports you are Betting
  • Weather Reports

Specialize Your Sports Betting to One Sport

While it might look great in your head to want to place sports bets on a wide range of sports daily to give you a better chance to win more money, the truth is you actually open yourself up to a chance to lose even more money. That said, take the time to specialize in just one sport. During this time, learn the sports betting industry for that one sport.

For example: if you want to bet on the NFL, learn everything possible about it from betting against the spread to knowing what information you need to research daily and what experts in the industry to follow.

Once you have taken the time to do this and you have a steady track record of winning, then you can move onto a second sport (then repeat the same with that sport before moving onto a third sport).

Fade the Public Sports Bet

While it might look to great to always place your bet on what the public is betting, in reality this is not the case for every pick. Sportsbooks look to the team/person who they feel is the favorite and that the public will bet which will lead to them to adjust their betting lines to incorporate this. This could lead to the money line to increase or the spread to increase making it more difficult for sports bettors to win this bet.

When looking at these matchups look to contests involving the most popular teams such as the New York Yankees or New England Patriots. These teams will have a ton of people who bet on them which will lead the handicappers to adjust the lines. 

Study the Against the Spread Numbers (ATS)

Lastly don’t forget to look at a team’s success against the spread when looking to place a sports bet. While a team might be 14-2 overall, the team might be just 2-14 against the spread. If this is the case, if you are betting against the money line you will be fine but if you are betting the run line/point spread you will not be fine with that team. These numbers show you how a team performs against covering the points. Incorporate this into your daily research.

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