What is the Best Sport to Bet on to Make Money?

Best Sport to Bet on to Make Money
Best Sport to Bet on to Make Money

The growth of sports betting continues to be on the rise around the world as well as in the United States. With this growth one of the biggest questions is what are the “Best sport to bet on to make money”? that most of the new sports bettors and even some experienced sports bettors. While this is a legitimate question, it is one that has no real exact answer as some sports bettors have better success with one sport whereas another sports bettor may not fare as well. 

Nonetheless, here at CentSports we have taken time to do some research on the wide variety of sports betting options from NCAA college football to the NFL to professional soccer around the world and to put together CentSports best sports to bet on to make money guide to help assist each sports bettor looking to make a bigger profit moving forward in the world of sports betting.

Here is our Best Sport to Bet on to Make Money list:

MMA & Boxing

When looking at the long list of sports to make money with by placing a wager, both boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bouts rank near the top of the list. Now that said before looking at why they are two of the best sports to make money with we will take a look at the downside. The downside to betting on both boxing and MMA is that the odds are usually bad which in return requires higher wagers to make little money.

Despite the odds, these two sports are still two of the best to bet on based on your odds to win your actual prediction. When looking at either boxing or MMA bouts, you have only really three outcomes that could occur in the bout. These outcomes are as follows:

  • Boxer/MMA Fighter 1 wins the bout
  • Boxer/MMA Fighter 2 wins the bout
  • Draw (Neither Fighter wins the bout)

As you look at those odds to win, you have a 33 percent chance your sports bet will win the bout. Now as you look a little deeper your odds to win are closer to 50 percent as draws happen very often in most bouts including title bouts. Plus if it the fight ends in a draw, most of the time you will receive you bet returned.

Along with your odds being higher to win, you are only relying on one person to determine the outcome whereas a bet on a team requires each member taking the field to produce in order for that team/club to win the matchup. While the lower payouts are a negative, the higher chance to win allows you more opportunities to put cash into your bank roll.


While tennis is not one of the most popular sports around the world, it is a sport that a lot of sports bettors like to bet on simply based on the event being head to head between two individual athletes with only one end result. Very similar to both boxing and the MMA, the results of a tennis match comes down to one person winning the match and only two outcomes. Those outcomes are as follows: 

  • Tennis Player 1 wins the matchup
  • Tennis Player 2 wins the matchup

Now when looking at tennis matchups, the odds can swing either way depending on the sportsbook and what type of tournament the matchup is taking place in. That said, you can find opportunities to find very favorable odds to help you to make some money. In addition, since there are only two outcomes to a matchup you have a 50 percent chance to win. 

College Football & NFL Football

These two sports are possible two of the best sports to bet on to make money. While the Return of Investments (ROI) are much higher on college football matchups, the NFL doesn’t fall far behind them. Now when you look at both of these sports you still have a 50 percent chance of predicting who will win but you are relying on a team to play together to get you the win. That said, the odds for both college football and the NFL matchups make it worth your time to look at when placing your sports bet.

Now when you look at college football and the NFL head to head, college football gets the slight odds based on the potential to win even more cash due to odds on specific matchups. In college football you will see high points spreads between a ranked team and a team that near the bottom of all teams. With the high spread, you will see the odds increase extremely high and sometimes paying out at 1,000 or more times your bet if the underdog wins. With the opportunity to win big cash on these sports, it is hard to look past them as two sports to bet to make money.

Each of these sports above are high on CentSports list of best sports to bet on to make money. In the end, these sports as well as any other sports can produce winnings, it all comes down to you having a strategy that allows you to be successful.

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