Best Free Sports Betting Sites in the USA

Free Sports Betting Sites

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There is something about watching a sporting contest in which you have more than just a local rooting interest in that makes it more exciting. Sports fans everywhere love to watch games simply for the entertainment value, but having more than just a passing interest can enhance the experience. Which brings us to free sports betting and actually placing wagers on your games of choice.

Sports betting becomes a challenge for the bettor, not only to predict a winner, but also to take into account all of the factors that go into your decision. However, not all new bettors feel comfortable when they decide to dip their toes into the water. Like anything else, learning how to handicap games is something recommended for any new sports bettors. Some of those new bettors would like to eventually wager real money on their bets, while others like to bet on games just for the challenge and competition.

Which is why finding sites that allow new bettors to make free sports betting can become more popular. For some people, using these sites is a great way to hone your sports betting skills for eventually making cash wagers, while for others, it’s a way for them to get in the game without the risk of losing any money. In this article, we’ll discuss three sites that new bettors can use that will provide them just that. Each of them will provide that no risk way to get in the game.

Best Free Sports Betting Sites

Centsports is one of those sites that can assist new sports bettors with the ability to learn how to bet on sports without the financial risk. Players can pick from a variety of sports to get in on the action. Options include the NFL, NBA, College Football and College Basketball.

Sportsplays is another site that offers players the free play option. They allow players to place free bets on all sports, including professional and amateur teams. Players will need to create an account to begin and the site claims to have over 400,000 current members. Sportsplays offers the chance for players to play for free, with the chance to win real cash.

SportsJaw is also a site that gives players the free sports betting option. They use a very professional looking website with a solid list of betting options. Those include the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and also College Football and College Basketball. So if you happen to be looking to get started on sports betting without the risk, take a look at these sites.

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Best Free Sports Betting Sites in the USA