Playing at the Best Free Play Sportsbook in the US

Playing at the Best Free Play Sportsbook in the US
Playing at the Best Free Play Sportsbook in the US

The world of sports betting continues to expand all around the world. With this expansion, the opportunity for sports bettors, handicappers and sports fan to find a great sports book and one that offers you free plays. Now for all of you beginners I will not only explain to you what a sportsbook is, what are free plays but I will also tell you the best free play sportsbook to look at when electing to sign up when you are ready to place your next sports bet.

The first place we will start is telling you what a sportsbook is. A sportsbook is a company that allows sports bettors, handicappers and sports fan a location to place a wager on a large mixture of sporting events such as Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), horse racing events such as the Kentucky Derby and individual events such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights. 

The second place we will start is telling you exactly what a free play is. A free play is a bonus that is offered to you from an online sportsbook or casino to get you to decide to deposit your money within that specific site. In addition to the standard deposit free play, sportsbook sites offer additional free play opportunities including when you reload your account with a new deposit and even just random free plays that allows you to make a sports pick without depositing any money.

Now that you know exactly what a sportsbook is and what a free play is, let’s take a look at the best free play sportsbooks available to you.

#1 CentSports

By far is the best free play sportsbook. It cost absolutely zero to play. They actually don’t take deposits. Sign-up and they give you $0.10 of play money and you are ready to go. Now that isn’t allot but it is free. The cool part if/when you can turn it into $200.00 you can cash-out. They have all the options of a real sportsbook as well, parlays, teasers, live betting you name it they have it! CentSports gets my vote as being the best free play sportsbook in the US.

Others Free Play Options: 

Bovada Sportsbook

Here is one of the leaders in the sports betting industry and one site that continues to around year in and year out.  Bovada offers sports bettors a 50 percent signup bonus up to $250 as well as a refer a friend bonus of 200 percent up to $100. In addition to those two free play rewards, Bovada also offers a reload bonus from time to time to also go with a rewards program. A rewards program that you earn 15-25 reward points per dollar per bet as well as well as 1.5 reward points for any buy-in events. In addition to the free play rewards, Bovada is widely trusted in the industry.


A second sportsbook to consider when electing to choose a company and one that might rank up near the top in free plays is MyBookie. MyBookie offers new accounts an option to earn up to $1,000 on their initial deposit or 50 percent of their deposit. For Instance if you deposit $100, your bonus would be $50. In addition, MyBookie offers a $20 risk free bet after joining the site. If you lose you will get your wager refunded up to $20.

Other free play options offered include a reload bonus (25 percent deposit match) , a referral bonus (100 percent match on each member you refer to sign up and on their deposit amount), fresh start free play, spread the word free play and show me the money free play to name a few of the promos offered. It is hard not to consider Bookie sites when you are making your decision on a sportsbook.


A third free play sportsbook to look at is BetOnline. Like the top two, BetOnline is trusted in the sports betting industry and has been around since 2004. When it comes to free plays, BetOnline ranks up near the top with any sports betting site in the industry. The Site offers a 50 percent deposit bonus to all new accounts on their first deposits up to $1,250. In addition to new deposit free plays, the site also offers reload bonuses at 25 percent for cash deposits and 35 percent for crypto currency deposits. The site also offers you’re a 20% balance boost when you are able to maintain your balance through an entire sports season (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL). 


Here is an interesting option and one that really stands outs for sports bettors as this site allows you to make sports picks at no cost with a real opportunity to win $500 cash based on how you rank on the leaderboard each month. While this site might not get the recognition as some out on the market, it is a site that allows you a chance to win real money while getting more experienced in the sports betting world.

In the end, one of the biggest keys to finding the right sportsbook is finding one that offers some great free plays and bonuses. That is why the sites above are just a few of the best free play sportsbooks in the industry.

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