Basketball Betting & The Refs

Basketball Betting

Tracking the referees & Basketball Betting

So you want to win and win big in college basketball betting? One way to make sure you do this is by tracking the refs. Too many times, bettors forget that the refs play a huge part in the game. They make or break the total many times, and they can really do damage to a side bet, as well. If you want to join the elite of college basketball betting, then you will understand which refs call games which way. Wise players are constantly keeping up with the changes and the little things that can shift a game. Refs certainly fit the bill.

So how do you find out about referees? There are websites that tell you where a ref is going to call the game and other sites will show you a ref’s history. Keep these resources handy before placing any bet. Does a ref really like to call fouls on big guys? If so, then you might want to refrain from betting on a team that needs its big players. These are the little pieces of information that a good handicapper retains and a bad one just misses each and every week.

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Basketball Betting & The Refs