8 Things to Know When College Basketball Betting

Big Ten teams

The Midwestern Pace

If you have been into college basketball betting for even a short period of time, then you should know a little bit about basketball in the Big Ten. There is a certain “pace” that the Big Ten teams are known for, and if you want to win with your bets, you will understand this. The problem for too many bettors is that they fail to realize that things move a little bit more slowly in this league. This causes them to bet big favorites who have trouble covering those huge numbers. When the game is being played at a slower pace, the lines are all relative.

So who are these college basketball betting offenders? Wisconsin is the most important that comes to mind, especially when it plays at home. The Badgers play good defense and grind the shot clock down to nothing. Though they don’t score many points, you should realize that their offense is top shelf. The problem, of course, is that it becomes difficult for teams to cover big numbers when the game is shorter. As a bettor, you should think of these slow paced games as being something like 32 or 33 minutes long. That is the time your team will have to cover a spread, so bet accordingly.

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8 Things to Know When College Basketball Betting