5 Hot College Basketball Betting Tips

college basketball betting tips

The college basketball betting tips “gap”

One of the things I like to talk about most with college basketball betting is the famed “gap”. When I talk about the gap, I mean the gap in perception. College basketball is unlike other sports. With so many teams in college hoops betting, there are opportunities to exploit gaps in production and perception. Specifically, smart gamblers have a chance to make a big splash if they are willing to go against the grain.

One way to exploit the gap is to continue backing those teams that lose close games to good teams early in the year. So you see a squad that’s 10-5, but who are those losses against? Did they lose by a combined 19 points to Kentucky, Michigan State, and UCONN? If so, the public is likely to dismiss a team like this. After all, they don’t have what it takes to win. This is a terrible way to bet college basketball, though. Wise bettors know that losing against good teams does not make one squad bad. If anything, it might prepare them to play bettor when they get into the more manageable portion of the schedule.

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5 Hot College Basketball Betting Tips