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2020 NFL Betting: The Top 3 Kickers in the NFL

The Top 3 Kickers in the NFL
The Top 3 Kickers in the NFL

The Kickers in the NFL are among the most needed positions in NFL teams. However, they’re underappreciated by some. But looking at the top scores of the NFL history, most had been contributed by kickers. Not many are aware, but huge scores heavily depend on the kickers.

Kickers are relied on throughout the stressful situations in NFL games. They always find a way to succeed and do what should be done to bring the team to victory.

The Importance of Kickers

While kickers can be overlooked in the football community, they are not a lesser team member. They may not be seen participating in the full-contact drills, but they’re often the reason why teams either make or break it in the league.

Fans and bettors alike shouldn’t ignore the kickers’ contribution in the NFL. Moreover, coaches and fans should not take the position for granted.  In fact, only a few players can be considered a great kicker because of the position’s demanding nature, especially in the NFL.

There are only a few elite kickers that can be found in the league. Only about twenty of them can be considered as reliable options, especially in betting games. Nailing multiple kicks is a big pressure, and these NFL kickers play a vital role in ensuring their football teams’ success. A team that doesn’t have a good kicker struggles hard to have a successful NFL run.

Below are the top 3 kickers in the NFL that you should be familiar with.

#1. Justin Tucker of Baltimore Ravens

Justin Tucker is regarded as the most accurate of all kickers in the history of the NFL. And there’s one apparent reason why he holds the top spot in the kicker ratings. He nailed 90.1 percent in all his field goals throughout seven NFL seasons. The score so far is considered the best in the football game.

Additionally, Tucker got the highest rate in terms of accuracy. He also had received extra points than all other active kickers. He never had any misses, and his field goal percentage is also a lot higher. There’s no doubt that he is good, especially for his team. The Baltimore Ravens have always been looking forward to his crazy kicks.

And despite his age, Tucker is getting tougher as he’s getting older. He could be considered as the best kicker in this year’s season.

#2. Harrison Butker of Kansas City Chiefs

Playing in the NFL for just two years, Harrison Butker already proved himself one of the best NFL kickers. In just two seasons with his team, he had hit 89.9 percent of his goals. Moreover, Butker continued impressing his fans and the team by his winning kicks.

Butker had been accurate throughout his career in 2017 up to 2019. He also had shown longer kicks, taking him to the next level. His longest kick was fifty-four. But, it was last year when he made a fifty-six yarder. He said that he feels comfortable from going fifty-eight and beyond.

That’s when he decided to begin separating himself from all other kickers in the NFL league. His mission is to have even longer field goals to bring him more confidence in his plays.

Just last season, the Kansas City Chiefs gave Butker another 5-year extension in his contract. He might be fortunate to play for a successful franchise, but the team is also lucky to have a kicker like Butker. His consistency is the key to being a great NFL player.

#3. Josh Lambo of Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars wouldn’t have gained recognition without their kicker, Josh Lambo. The team excelled due to the player’s exceptional performance in the team. In fact, he found himself in the top ten of the rankings of CBS Sports in 2019. Lambo successfully made his field goal attempt at 97.1% in the 2019 season.

Despite his talents, his name isn’t often recognized because of the team he’s currently in. However, with his position, he plans to attempt bigger kicks. He’s known for showing monstrous kicks, especially last season.

His penchant and reliability in showing off winning kicks got him praise from both critics and fans. He remained steady for the team, leading to more favorable scenarios in his field position.


A reliable and dependable kicker is difficult to come by, and the position is becoming more of a luxury today. That’s why these three kickers in the NFL are well-recognized, remaining as top-performing athletes in the NFL. They deserve to earn the credit for their significant contributions to their team.  Better look up the latest NFL odds now and watch out for their upcoming games!

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