2019-2020 NCAA March Madness Betting Guide

2019-2020 NCAA March Madness Betting Guide
2019-2020 NCAA March Madness Betting Guide

The 2019-20 NCAA College Basketball season is entering their final full month of the regular season before March Madness gets underway. While the field of 68 is nowhere near ready to be set, the opportunity to begin preparing your March Madness betting picks has arrived. While there is no one right way to fill out your bracket as we come to find out over the years. Some of these top brackets were filled out by people who made their picks based on a logo or a color of a team.

That said, when filling out your March Madness bracket and while making some bets on this action, you must look at the potential for upsets in both the opening round as well as the second round of the tournament. Prior to making your picks, we recommend taking the time to do your research much like you would before making a sports pick for a baseball or football game.

Here are a few websites to look at for information before making your picks especially your upset March Madness picks:

ESPN – ESPN has a nice College Basketball section that includes some detailed information including a wide depth of statistics to help you make your pick. The site also offers a very detailed breakdown of the first round matchups.

SB Nation – Here is another site that will deliver you some excellent articles, in-depth team breakdowns and previews of March Madness matchups.

Covers – A third website that we recommend is Covers which is a site that covers a ton of sports betting information. You can use Covers to find some detailed game previews as well as other betting trends for each pick including how they have performed against the spread.

2019-2020 NCAA March Madness Betting information :

  1. Three Point Shooting VS Three Point Defense
  2. Pace of Play of both teams
  3. Points Per Game Scored and Points Per Game Allowed
  4. Rebounds Gained Per Contest VS Rebounds Allowed Per Contests
  5. Turnovers Per Contest VS Turnovers Recorded
  6. Look at the depth of each team such as how many players they have that records double digit minutes. You can also look at how many players a team might have that scores double digit. If you have a team that has 4/5 players averaging double figures against a team that allows a lot of points you might lean to the deeper team.

Now that we covered some key sites to review and key statistics to breakdown prior to making your picks, here is your

March Madness betting guide to picking your March Madness Upsets:

  • Look at the statistics for each matchup. Look at the matchup based on how a team is offensively and how the other team is defensively. Also look at trends such as how good a team is rebounding on offense and defense compared to the other team. Other key statistics to consider is how fast the teams play which could derail a team’s game plan. For example a team that likes to slow it down will allow fewer scoring opportunities for their opponents.
  • Look to the 8/9 matchup as one your upset picks. While a 9th seed over an 8th seed might not look like a big upset, the 9th seed has won approximately 50 percent of the matchups dating back to 1985.
  • Look to the 10/7 matchup as another upset pick to consider. Since 1985, 38 percent of the teams seeded 10th have won their opening round matchup during March Madness.
  • Look to 11/6 matchup for another upset pick. Since 1985, only approximately 30 percent of the March Madness brackets recorded have picked an 11th seed as an upset while 34 percent of the 11th seeded teams have won an opening round contest.
  • Avoid the 16/1, 15/2, 14/3 and 13/4 matchups as potential upsets. These four matchups have produced less than 20 percent opportunity to win during the opening round. The 13/4 matchup has seen 20 percent of the 13th seeded teams win. The 16th seed has recorded just one win since 1985, while the 15th seed has won just 5 percent of their contests and the 14 seed just 14% of their matchups.
  • Consider picking a 7th and 10th seed to not only win the opening round contest but also a second round matchup. The 7th and 10th seeds have 43 wins since 1985 in the second round. In addition, picking one 6th and 11th seed is ideal as well. The 6th and 11th seeded teams have picked up a win in the second round 45 times dating back to 1985.

Review your entire bracket and potential second round matchups before making your first round picks. When filling out your brackets, teams that make it farther in the tournament will earn you more points on your bracket. For example if you elect to gamble on a double digit seeded team, they have won less than 10 percent of their round two matchups.

In the end before making your March Madness picks, you must take the time to do your research, look to approximately 6-15 upsets throughout your entire bracket and don’t jump on a team that might be getting a ton of attention from others. In the end the Madness of March will take place but will you be on the winning side with your picks?

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