20 Things to Know When Betting the NFL

NFL Rules

Dealing with NFL Rule Changes

When you make your NFL picks this season, you will want to keep an eye on any rule changes. Though most people think that football is just football, betting the NFL is all about the little things. Often times, games are won and lost at the margins. So you need to know what the rules are if you are going to be able to make money with NFL betting. So what are some of the NFL rule changes that you need to keep an eye on this year? Some will impact scoring significantly.

The first is the fact that the kickoff location has been moved up five years. This should result in more touchbacks. With more touchbacks, there will be worse starting field position and less scoring overall. The counter to this is that the kickoff team has to line up five yards behind the ball instead of ten. This will impact the kickoff coverage, so if a touchback doesn’t happen, the field position will be better. Understand these things as you make your NFL picks this season. It could be the difference in a winning NFL betting season and a losing NFL betting season.

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20 Things to Know When Betting the NFL