10 Things to Know When Betting College Football


Betting College football picks and starting early

So you want to be good at making college football picks? I’m talking about the kind of good where you know that you have a chance to win every weekend? One trick is to make sure that you start early. Make sure that you are getting your bets in on Monday rather than Friday or Saturday. The fact of the matter is that with college football picks, the early line is often easier to beat than the closing line. Very few people can beat the closing line, so chances are good that you are not among them. Beating the early line with college football picks is always simpler.

So why is this the case? Simply put, the early line always more holes in it. The early line is exploitable because it might have been miscalculated by the lines makers. Though there won’t be many lines like this each week, you have a better chance of finding them on Monday before they move. Remember this as you make your betting college football picks each week. This will help you come out on top at the end of the year, rather than struggling to make ends meet with your bankroll.

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10 Things to Know When Betting College Football